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Manila, Philippines

D O M G U Y O T R E L E A S E S D E B U T A L B U M T I T L E T R A C K " H A V E N "

Cebuano Singer-Songwriter Dom Guyot teases his first full-length album

with his comeback track - "Haven", an LGBTQ+ centric bop.

Following the success of Ambitions, ft. Careless Music's newest artist, Jolianne, Dom Guyot is back with Haven, the fifth single and considerably, the title track of his first official full-

length album coming out this year.

"Haven expresses how being with my lover, safe in our little haven, was enough to live for,"

recounts Dom. "Being in love is both a refreshing and intoxicating feeling, and when it's your

first time, especially as a gay man, it feels like there could be no other one like it."

Dom not only allows us access to Haven on multi-platforms, but also releases a lyric video on

his Youtube channel, in anticipation for Haven's official music video, set out to premiere on

the 16th of April, 2021. This is the first installment of his upcoming album's "Boy's Love


Haven is an RnB track — an honest portrayal of a of gay man finding and falling deeply in

love for the first time, with a partner they consider as their “safe haven” in an unsafe world.

Aware of the universal theme of love in Filipino RnB and in music, in general, Haven deviates

its story-telling from the love tales that have already been told as old as time, and instead

focuses on love between the same sex, sharing the truth in his personal experiences of being

in one, and insecurely navigating through a society that merely tolerated him without

accepting him as a whole.

"Posing as the album's lead track, Haven is 4-minute pop-RnB journey that nudges you into

recalling your own accounts of that first love. "I wanted the song to have such a calming and

ethereal vibe, just as how I wanted my listeners to feel close, if not exactly, how my partner

made me feel at that specific point in time," Dom narrates.

When asked about why Haven is his carrier single, Dom replied, "I am a proud member of the LGBT community; one of my main goals as an artist is to push for more inclusivity towards queer people in mainstream media and music." "I always wanted to showcase how same sex relationships have certain nuances as heteronormative ones have," Dom continues. "With this, I decided to make a Boy's Love trilogy of music videos showcasing real stories of gay men with love, lust and safe promiscuity in this day and age." Dom emphasizes that in every detail, including the casting for his music videos, he is allowing real queer people to play the lead roles of queer people.

Set out to release his debut album next month, Dom encourages you to keep up to speed

with all updates on his music and other special surprises through his social networks below.

Haven is available on all streaming platforms

Listen & download "Haven" here:


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