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Manila, Philippines

Craved for Charcoal Grilled Burgers? Have Take A Bite And Break on the Road House

Tio’s Road House is a shop that has varieties to satisfy your cravings, It was a chill place to comfort satisfaction of a foodie lovers. Before that let’s discover how Tios’ Roadhouse journey, their business started last year 2020 of August the 13th that time it was MECQ. It was started on a whim of Four best friend’s, they start this business with the lead of Mr. RA Dequilla. According to him that time it was a skeletal schedule of his work. Before he was working on a restaurant same as his partner in Tio’s, His partner was working as a head chef on cruise ship then he was just a normal cook, His partner was his mentor in previous company and the other one was the manager on drugstore and last but not the least was their friend who was an architect and help to build their physical store. Four of them was best friend's since elementary and highschool. RA honestly said that they are first timers to handle this business at first their motivation to start was money but lately they realize it was hard to continue this business if that’s their only motive that’s why they challenge themselves to find out what was their really motive and later on while running this Business they discover their passion in cooking and the skills that they didn’t expect can do.

They started this business from scratch that’s why they research a lot and have ideas on how they will run this business. The first food they give it a try was their signature charcoal grilled burgers the customers get’s hook up to the taste of charcoal grilled patty with the zesty taste of pineapple it reaches to their Top Seller’s Food that’s why they decide to make another one, it was their homemade flavored wings the flavor that gets the number 1 taste trend to the customers their classic buffalo flavor the second one was the creamy salted egg flavor and the last one was their honey sriracha flavor. The recent one was their Baked Shawarma the last food they make it reaches to top selling. This three was currently the Top sellers on menu.

RA shared his experience while making this business he said that this business mold his personality realizes that he’s not just a cook but can manage a store like computing sales and handle their employees. He discovers that he can do ads to promote more their store and have a marketing strategies to gain customers attention he can do multitasking like be a delivery guy and a manager. According to him the key to this business is to be flexible.

Tio’s Roadhouse future see’s the potential to have a long running business and possible to have a franchise by next 6 months or a year and known for being the best stores that build during this pandemic. The four of them promises to continue this business no matter what ups and down they will be facing off.

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