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Manila, Philippines

Complexity And Conflict: Chen Returns With Heartfelt Single In Damahan

Known for her love-centric acoustic tracks, Filipino singer and guitarist Chen makes a comeback with Damahan, a melancholic and emotional display of her talent. Similar to her past release, Sana’y Alam Mo, Chen explores another painful aspect of the messy world of relationships.


Damahan explores the inner conflict of a relationship that is doomed to fail, and the complex inner conflict one feels when it’s time to finally let go. While the song also navigates themes of unfulfilled promises and falling out of love, the contrasting themes of an enduring desire for connection are all equally expressed throughout the track.

Listen to the single here.


To Hold On, Or To Let Go?

“Damahan is about a relationship on the brink of falling apart. It’s crystal clear that it’s ending, but you won’t accept it,” Chen shares on its central theme. Realized in the lyrics such as “Eto na ba ang katapusan ng mga pangakong binitawan,” denial and refusal to accept the end of a relationship is expressed, as their partner, more than likely, played a significant role in the character’s life.

Despite all one’s efforts to make a relationship work, you reach a point where it becomes clear that the relationship isn’t meant to be. As difficult as it may seem, sometimes the best course of action is to simply let go, as it will save you much of your grief long-term.

“You eventually do (accept it), and ask for that final embrace that you hope will never end,” Chen furthers. Emphasized in her chorus, she sings, “Yakapin mo ako na parang wala nang dulo. Yakapin mo ako na parang walang nagbago.”


From Chen: Just Let Go

Chen’s comeback single perfectly encapsulates the many stages of grief, and is a perfect display of her artistry and lyricism.

Ultimately, however, this painful yet comforting single is a reminder that despite the pain one may feel in any relationship, sometimes the best thing to do is to accept its end and move forward.

Listen to Damahan–OUT NOW!


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