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Manila, Philippines

Cebu’s Sepia Times keeps the tracks coming with new release “Fade To Black”

Alt-pop band from Cebu, Sepia Times, has released yet another single from their new era of sound. The track called “Fade To Black” is out now on streaming platforms.

A well-intricated collage of distorted guitars and biting synth lines, the new single reveals a grittier side of the duo’s music but still retains themes of the human experience. It’s another metaphor of the struggle of redesigning one’s self.

Owing up to their promise of more music to their listeners, the band has consistently been releasing new material since their return from a short hiatus earlier in the year. From their comeback single “Pills”, a remastered version of a crowd favorite “BreakFast”, and now with their latest record “Fade To Black”, they are confident with keeping the ball rolling.

About The Song

“Fade To Black” is an introspective track about the futility people can experience when trying to change themselves. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to paint yourself a different color, you’ll end up fading back to darkness.

Similar to many of the band’s other songs, it’s quite narrative of human feelings we can relate to. It features a coalition of electronic and synth elements as well as distorted guitars, but retains an identifiable pop sensibility in songwriting.

Artist Bio

Sepia Times is a Cebu-based alt-pop duo. Since the first release of their music in 2016, they have taken a more electronic and synth-driven direction in sound. Their songs have been described as colorful melancholy; telling stories of existence, feeling and the art of being human.

Listen to the song here

Marketing Label: Open Door Management Ph

Composed by: Luigi Miguel S. Balazo

Lyrics by: Luigi Miguel S. Balazo

Produced by: Luigi Miguel S. Balazo

Mixed by: Jad Bantug

Mastered by: Luigi Miguel S. Balazo

Publisher: Elisha Christian L. Ang and Luigi Miguel S. Balazo


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