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Manila, Philippines

Cean Jr., DENY collaborate for a new track, ‘Still Miss You’

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

Producer Cean Jr. and rising singer-songwriter DENY team up for a new track, “Still Miss You,” released on Thursday, March 31, by O/C Records.

The track features a blend of contemporary R&B and Hip-Hop that reverberates a sexy and chill vibe as it touches on the notion of missing the one that got away.

In an exclusive chat with Cean Jr. and DENY, the artists shared the story behind their newest track, their experience collaborating for its artistic production, what listeners should watch out for in this latest drop, and how this record influenced their work as creatives.

Still Miss You (cover art)

TNH: What can you share about the story of Still Miss You? What is the core narrative of this record?

DENY: Still Miss You is a track that conveys a simple message - still yearning for your "someone" that got away. Although simple, the message is raw, true, and says just enough about what needs to be said.

TNH: What made you guys decide to share such story through your music?

DENY: Cean Jr. initially wrote the track by himself. I think right after he finished; he messaged me immediately about possibly collaborating and being part of the song - because he played it for me live while on-call! I also immediately liked what I heard, and so I said I'd write a verse as soon as he sends me a demo, and the rest just happened.

TNH: This is the first time you guys collaborated for a record. What can you share about the experience?

DENY: It was a very comfortable and fulfilling experience. Comfortable because I knew Cean Jr. practically since day 1 when I just started making music, and he dm-ed me saying he liked my craft, so working together felt natural! And fulfilling because we've worked really hard on this song right from the start up until we finished it. We're really excited to let everyone hear what we've made.

TNH: How did you guys integrate your individual creative ideas in developing the overall artistic approach for this track?

DENY: It wasn't really hard deciding anything about the creative direction of this whole song because both of us have a vision of the outcome. We know what we want, and most of the time, it was similar - so we just put in all of our ideas and chose what to use best! It also helped that both of us are a good sport.

TNH: What made you guys decide to have NEXXFRIDAY on board for the production of this track?

DENY: It was Cean's idea to let NEXXFRIDAY produce the track. I always work with him since he's part of my team, and I know how great he is as a music artist, so it was practically a no-brainer for me.
Cean Jr: Yeah, it's a no-brainer. I knew from the start, we'll be having The Midas Touch, The Nexxfriday Touch.

TNH: What made you guys decide to take a bilingualism approach on the lyrical aspect of this track?

DENY: If you listen to my tracks, this is how I usually write them! I think Cean and I never officially chose what language to use, though, it just came.
Cean Jr: That's what makes this collaboration special, that's how we both usually write our songs.

TNH: Aside from the notable production journey of this track, why should people watch out for this record?

DENY: Definitely the music video. That's all I'm gonna say!
Cean Jr: Ya heard DENȲ. That's all!

TNH: For Cean Jr., as an artist who produces music to provide companionship in one’s more relaxed and unguarded times, how do you think this new single can influence such aim?

Cean Jr: This new record is still on the path where my previous records are going. People can still hear the influences they heard from Cean Jr. before. Though this song talks about breakup, it still serves comfort and vibes people can chill with.

TNH: For DENY, as an artist who aims to set a new standard in the PH music scene, how do you think this new single can influence such goal?

DENY: Still Miss You is a very classic yet contemporary take on RnB. Cean Jr., NEXXFRIDAY, and I have very strong roots in this genre, so I believe we have created a high-quality track overall - which of course, will be passed on to the listeners who'll hopefully vibe with the song.

“Even though you’ve already gone separate ways, there’s still a part of you that’s missing someone, and you can’t deny it. Makes you say you’re caught up in that mess, and you can’t get over it that easy”

You can stream Still Miss You on digital streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. The official music video will be released soon.


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