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Manila, Philippines

Careless Is Carefree

Independent record label, Careless, continues to refine artistic production — expanding the horizon for all types of artists to freely express creativity and reach full potential through innovative and game-changing structures.

Jeffrey Oh, Careless CEO

Emerged with a vision to exhibit vigor of local music in the world arena, Careless has auspiciously turned passion into profession — vision coming into fruition, catalyzing the deliberate production of game changing music and seizing strong foundation of creative production that shuns artistic compromise for growth.

Careless is carefree. The label represents people who are zealous to get out of their comfort zones. Artists under the firm nurture alignment of vision, values, and principles through fearlessly expressing authentic identity — embodying spirits that are willing to take risks in pursuing artistic aims they belive in, no matter the odds.

Careless Music Trade Launch

In their trade launch last June 20, the Careless team announced signing of two new artists to the independent label’s roster — Issa Pressman and Liza Soberano.

Both artists highlighted how personal growth served as one of the primary driving forces behind this new quest. Issa Pressman expressed being more certain about the kind of creative stamp she seeks to deliver instigated the right time to work with Careless. Liza Soberano shared aiming to open up another dimension of a creative path where she can have more creative control in expessing her other creative side illuminated tenacity to work with a team filled with young talents eager to take risks in rendering artistic ideas.

Issa Pressman and Liza Soberano adds up to the notable roster of artists under Careless, including James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Massiah, Jolianne Salvado, Lesha Liton, A-Team, and more.

Careless upscales their platform. Upcoming projects and collaborations that furnish diversity of artistic expression include releases of new singles, EP, mixtape, local and international tour, and partnership with global entertainment company, Transparent Arts.


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