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Manila, Philippines

Ben&Ben delivers bolder musical style in sophomore album ‘Pebble House, Vol. 1: Kuwarderno’

After the success of their top chart debut album ‘Limasawa Street’ in 2019, Ben&Ben finally releases their much-anticipated sophomore album — ‘Pebble Hose, Vol 1: Kuwaderno’ produced under Sony Music Philippines.

Pebble House, Vol. 1: Kuwarderno draws from the multi-platinum band’s momentous journey of living under one roof — capturing each member’s “personal journal” that represents their self-transcendence generated by different points in time.

The nine-piece collective takes on a bolder approach to their musical style in this 13-track album as they hop on tackling confounding stories that offshoots the collective self-reflection, insights, realizations, and experiences of the group for the past couple of years.

It presents an introduction to a wider spectrum of the band’s capabilities as musicians — embracing the powerful art of collaborating with other notable local artists in the music scene to enhance the outcome of each piece, and understanding how to carry through collaborative measures when not every member of the group is in the best shape to execute creative and artistic visions.

Ben&Ben’s sophomore album exhibits compelling narratives that touch on stories about life’s realities — revolving around themes of empowerment, the value of cultural identities, socially relevant matters, and many more that talk about stories that may seem challenging to discuss but clamors a discourse.

Pebble House, Vol. 1: Kuwarderno features Kuwaderno, Kasayaw, Swimming Pool (feat. Chito Miranda), Elyu, Pasalubong (feat. Moira Dela Torre), Magpahinga, Lunod (feat. Zild & juan karlos), Sabel (feat. KZ Tandingan), Kapangyarihan (feat. SB190), Sugat (feat. Munimuni), Upuan, Ilang Tulog Na Lang, and Kayumanggi.

The album is now available for streaming on all leading digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more.


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