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Manila, Philippines


Prepare to be moved by the power of love as you listen to the very intimate song, “IKAW”. This latest masterpiece of Los Gratis captivates the real yet euphoric state of perfectly imperfect love.

Los Gratis a.k.a. Free is one of the best rising artists under Wolves Den PH Entertainment that you should watch out in the spotlight. Dive into what ‘Ikaw’ means to the artist himself with our exclusive interview.

TNH: How is Los Gratis connected in this song?

FREE: In this song, Los Gratis dives deep into the meaning of love. This song is very different from the recent releases.

TNH: What is the song about?

FREE: The song is about a perspective of someone in a relationship that is going through tough times, like all relationships - every strong flame also inevitably fades. Most of the time, when the veil of infatuation is lifted after time couples no longer see their partner as "the perfect one", on the contrary they see all the flaws, mistakes and imperfections of their partner, they start to hate the very things that they used to love about them. This is the stage wherein most couples make or break. This song is about someone who still clings to promises, and hope that they will be able to push their way into "real love" wherein you start to accept your partner for who they were, who they are and who they're supposed to be. You don't try to change them anymore, you want to compromise and make things work.

TNH: How did you come up with "Ikaw"? What rooted this song to be produced?

FREE: I wrote this when everything was falling apart, everything was changing between me and my partner. What once was our refuge became our battleground. But you don't give up on love. If you base love on a feeling, it will be gone when all the "kilig" is gone, it will fade eventually. Love is a commitment, it's a decision. It's a decision to choose your person everyday like how you choose to wake up in the morning and go to work. Love is about knowing your partners weaknesses and imperfections and you accept it for what and how it is. Love is knowing that even if your partner accepts you for who you are, you will change and compromise for the better. Even at tough times, when I had my walls up, when ego and pride kicked in, I knew this was really what my heart was telling me. This song is very intimate and personal, it was my light when everything seemed to be dark, it was a reminder to myself that I will choose this person because I love this person.

TNH: What can we expect from this song?

FREE: This song is very personal, very different from my previous songs. This one really hits the spot for me.

TNH: How were you able to create this masterpiece?

FREE: It was supposed to be a page from my journal. But I was able to forge it into a song when I heard the beat, I felt it was perfect for the writing. After I revised the short journal entry to fit the beat I recorded it the same night I wrote it.

TNH: Why did you choose to release it?

FREE: I think this is important for people who are in a relationship that is currently going through tough times, or for people who entrusted their hearts selflessly. This is for people like me, who will bleed themselves dry for love.

TNH: You were still finding your voice when we first met you, however, with the release of this song, what can you tell us about your current state? How is Los Gratis doing?

FREE: Yin and Yang. There are still tough times, but also good times to balance it out. As for the "voice" I'm still on the journey finding it. Although this song is much more alike "Gabi" the first song I released. I had people saying they liked that vibe, I guess this is sort of similar to that cause I wrote it (gabi) when our relationship was starting, now "Ikaw" is also about our relationship, 2 years after. Still making music, still learning new things, about to do something new things with my partner in a new chapter of our lives.


FREE: That's me and my girlfriend nung nag sa-start palang kami 2 years ago.

This track definitely radiates a very passionate and unconditional love, just like how it was made by the magnificent artist himself. The song will move you to fall in love deeper with your life partner no matter what circumstance you both go through.

“IKAW” can now be streamed on all digital streaming platforms. It is also the TOP TRACK on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, so you definitely can’t miss it.

What are you waiting for? Be moved and fall in love deeper with your partner in life with Free’s latest single.


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