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Manila, Philippines


The last time we had a chat with John Odin was during a podcast with Sasha Grey. Now he is back with not one but two EPs about to drop this June. See our interview with the guy himself.

Each EP has it's own story to tell, what are we about to hear?

The Other World Engine has been a long time coming. This has had numerous versions until it had to reach it's best form to be able to be part of the very impressive roster / lineup of Asia Music. Asia Music has been a lable I've been eyeing and following for years now and served as one of the inspirations as my transition of a full on Trance DJ artist to a Techno / Progressive/ Trance artist. The Otherworld Engine was a reflection of music I've listed to and sifted which stuck and eventually became my basis for this EP. I was very content in the world of Trance don't get me wrong. Techno just spoke to one day it had a very huge impact which is why my curiousty rose to what it is today. I'm still learning, still trying to very comprehenisve with this genre. So yeah, this EP is an ode to this new world that I'm trying to explore you know? Trying to figure out how the engine works on this kind of engine. Get it? *laughs*

Danse Macabre was born out of angst, anxiety, angery and indifference. I felt very heavy at the time and the consequence of that was a very crude mindset with some very unsharpened tones. So yeah, I had this idea for a canvas that I wanted to throw up on. So sequences of noise and death just started to dance around. This EP is a tad heavier than the former. It served as a very very very helpful outlet for me. Music saves, I guess. It heals. Whatever you want to call it.

In all that we do, purpose is key. How did you see or rather hear this two latest EPs making an impact to those who listen?

Both EPs are Techno driven. Two tastes. Two energies, but strong nonetheless. The mood is different though. The main purpose of the 2 is to give some sort of semblance to what seem to be ages ago which is clubbing of course. This love of Techno is a partner in that memory and I guess the EP is a testament to that. I hope you guys give it a listen then one day some day, we dance to it in a club of course.

What are your plans moving forward for these EPs?

Yeah Covid happened and my Dominion EP tour got cancelled. So I guess this double EP release will have to be plotted for that tour. I'm hoping it happens this year or most definitely summer next year. Of course, I have this special setup and mood planned but you're just going to have to wait.

EP Title: Danse Macabre

Release Date: June 10

Record Label: Frame Workxx Records, Amsterdam

Danse Macabre is Odin's 2nd EP witth Frame Workxx Records. Starting off the EP with Danse Macbre, it showcases orchestra elements, deep melancholic drones with hard thumping kicks which gives birth to an intense journey. We then finish off with Moving Still. The 2nd track feeds off pulsating energy from start to finish with elements of vocal stabs, aggressive percs, hard lows and other worldly atmospherics. Be sure to check out the other remixes with the other amazing artists to see the other faces of the Danse Macabre.

1. Danse Macabre 2. Moving Still 3. Danse Macabre (DJ D Redd Remix) 4. Danse Macabre (El Brujo Remix) 5. Danse Macabre (MaKaJa Gonzales Remix) 6. Danse Macabre (Herb Cabral Remix)

EP Title: The Otherworld Engine

Release date : June 16

Record Lable : Asia Music, an Asia based House and Techno Record Label with a global footprint.

Opening with ‘Otherworld Engine’ industrial percussion and icy sonics draw you in. Vocal shots juxtapose the rhythm as the beat intensifies. Solid kicks, eerie FX and sombre vocals add to the tensive energy before huge stadium shattering synths rain down.

On Remix duties, the mysterious Oliver Queen sets his trademark chunky melodic techno stylings to ‘Otherworld Engine’. Overdriven kicks add a brutal schranz feel from the off before arps and clever percussion lines take you in a completely different direction. Rounding out the EP, John Odin returns with a second original, Meridian. Tough drums, vocals and a catchy synth hook power this one to the peak hours. Understated and hypnotic, this is the sound of midnight in clubs all over the world.

1. Otherworld Engine 2. Meridian 3. Otherworld Engine (Oliver Queen Remix)


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