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Manila, Philippines

Arthur Tan drops beach house track, ‘Follow The Sun’

Photo courtesy of After The Noon Records

To usher in a new season, After The Noon Records presents Follow the Sun—an instant new classic produced by Arthur Tan, featuring lyrics and vocals by Massiah.

The producer has years of experience in the music industry, but this doesn’t stop him from continuously nurturing his own sound. Case in point: his new single is a skillful beach house track that’s as fresh as it is nostalgic.

“Maybe we should try and switch up the scene, it’s a different environment,” opens Massiah. It sounds like a promise, and they certainly deliver.

Making use of drums and synths, all underscored by a punchy beat, the tune reminds of pop rave songs of the early 2010s, but without the unnecessary fanfare. Instead, the melody is steady and assured, mirroring its artists. In Follow the Sun, each sonic element feels like it’s in its right place.

Follow The Sun (cover art)

Arthur was inspired by the excitement of being back at the beach to perform, especially after playing sets at indoor parties. He successfully captures the spirit of community through layered vocals and colorful vibrations, coupled with Massiah’s lyrics and vocals. The tune sustains a distinct warmth throughout, reminiscent of a slick summer evening’s slow burn.

It’s undeniable: the song’s instrumentals and vocals carry a sensible synergy. And like the best tropical nights, it only can only get better as you dance along.

You can stream Follow The Sun on digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music.


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