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Manila, Philippines

Arthur Tan and Lesha collaborate for a new record, 'Meet Me At Sunrise'

Once you press play, there’s no stopping the groove—you just can’t help it.

After the Noon Records proudly presents their newest single entitled “Meet Me at Sunrise,” written by Arthur Tan and Lesha, with music by Tan and vocals by Lesha.

The empowering new track delivers a fresh take on breakup bangers, channeling the catharsis after one has that singular crucial realization: “You are not the same no more.”

Upon hearing the opening piano notes, listeners will know they’re in for a treat. “Meet Me at Sunrise” starts on an introspective note as Lesha laments, “I thought about all the times we used to get along.” As the track progresses and the instrumental grows, she becomes more confident in herself, concluding: “Now I’m just thankful that I never even tried to stay.”

It’s rare to find breakup songs that sound warm and enlightening, and that’s exactly what Tan achieves with his charismatic music production. He brings buoyancy to the concept with his light snare rhythm and simple piano-synth track. Along with Lesha’s seductive vocals, the uplifting rave tune balances out its heart wrenching message.

Meet Me At Sunrise (cover art)

By the end, you’ll find that “Meet Me at Sunrise” successfully conveys that feeling of post-separation consolation. Whether or not you have experienced that or not, the song’s overall hopeful energy will have you rooting for anyone going through that similar situation.

It’s safe to say that Arthur Tan and Lesha mesh well as they bring their own novelty to the table in this instant DJ classic; a sure bet to get everyone (including those with broken hearts) back up on their feet.

“Meet Me At Sunrise” is now available for streaming on digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music.


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