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Manila, Philippines

Ardee set sights on giving “new sound” to the OPM industry

Singer-songwriter Rogel Sallao, better known as Ardee, shares his journey from being an independent artist who has been releasing music since 2015 to being one of the Top 5 finalists of O/C Records' The Next Odd Creature.

Photo courtesy of Ardee's IG (@awesomeardee)

Born into a musical family, Ardee has been surrounded by musical talents growing up. He reckons that an inspiration to pursue singing was greatly influenced by family members, primarily his cousins, who joined various amateur singing competitions back then.

“Nakikita ko sila pag nagpa-practice tapos sabi ko, gusto ko rin kumanta, then ayun tinuruan nila ako how to sing. Kinder palang ako nagpe-perform na ako sa mga school event namin,” he shares.

He then found himself focusing more on his songwriting skills growing up, as he dashes random thoughts on a notebook and later creates music out of the written down ideas on paper.

Not long after, he realized his eagerness to share his music with a wide array of conduits. This prompted Ardee to start creating and producing music for the world to hear.

He then distributed his tracks to various streaming platforms — focusing on SoundCloud and Facebook, intending to reach a broad range of audiences.

Afterwards, he joined online groups comprising umpteen independent musicians. There, he met artists with a kindred passion for music and producers from across the globe, whom he now considers a remarkable part of his singing career.

The relationships he had built virtually jump-started boundless creative collaborations with various music producers.

Some of the tracks he had released include "Pera," "Mood," and "Desperado." In 2020, he released his first EP, "Empyrean," which consists of five tracks such as "Orbit," "Stargaze," "Call Me," "Langit," and "Burn Bright."

Photo courtesy of Ardee's IG (@awesomeardee)

Ardee admits that in terms of his musical genre, he is still in the process of evolving and experimenting with how different genres will be highlighted in his music. But at present, he describes his sound as a mixture of Pop, R&B, and Trap music.

The Bataan-based musician hopes to connect with his listeners by putting out music with heaping hard-hitting stories that can take his audience to a “heavenly state”, especially in trying times.

"I want them to feel something dun a song. I just want them to get some vibe and remember my sound," he adds.

Since 2015, Ardee has been independently releasing his music to various digital streaming platforms, soaring for a paramount dream — get signed under a record label.

Ardee's vision inflamed his burning desire to expand horizons and share fresh music with the world.

"Gustong-gusto ko na to take my journey to the next level. I want to give a new sound. I want to give something new. Something fresh and bago sa pandinig ng mga tao," Ardee shares as he talks about the driving force behind his quest to become The Next Odd Creature.

O/C Records' The Next Odd Creature talent search was launched in April 2021. The winner gets Php50,000 and a management and recording deal with O/C Records.

For updates on the search for the next odd creature, you can follow O/C Records' socials:

Facebook: O/C Records

Twitter: @OCRecordsPH

Instagram: @ocrecordsph


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