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Manila, Philippines

Ardee releases track about longing for someone’s presence

Langit (Cover Art)

Singer-songwriter and former The Next Odd Creature finalist, Ardee, finally makes his debut release under O/C Records with ‘Langit’ on Wednesday, June 15.

Langit renders a mixture of chill romantic R&B and Soul tunes — evincing an empyrean ambiance. The record touches on the notion of expressing playful emotions anchored in one’s yearning for someone’s presence.

“The track’s sound is built upon wavy synth with minimalistic ambiance and smooth booming basslines. The beauty of the vocals enveloped among the lyrics flares up romantic and heavenly emotions. The vocals along with the instrumental make up the mood which denotes a feeling of positive romantic feelings towards someone in your life,” says Ardee.

In an interview with Ardee, he shares about the experience of finally releasing a record under O/C Records, the impact of producing this track on his aim to bring peace to his audience through his music, and more about the significance of Langit on his music career.

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

TNH: You started your journey with O/C Records as one of their finalists in The Next Odd Creature talent search. How do you feel now that you’re releasing your single, Langit, under the label?

Ardee: I will always be grateful for being part of the show. TNOC was a great experience. I really wasn't expecting something when I sent my submission through email because I don't know what exactly they are looking for. Am I odd enough to get through? But then I still go for it, sending "Langit" as my demo track. I can't believe how much they loved the track from my first performance during the first round, especially when Sir Kean started singing a bit of it while doing a commentary. And then fast forward, I got signed under O/C records, and we're all set to release some new tracks for this year, but all of a sudden, I got a call from Sir Riggs asking if I could consider releasing "Langit" first because Sir Kean is singing it again. I don't know what's going on, but maybe there's something about this song that deserves a second shot. I'm happy and very excited, hoping that it will reach a new crowd.

TNH: Langit explores the notion of expressing playful emotions anchored in one’s yearning for another person’s presence. What prompted you to deliver the message of this track to many through your music?

Ardee: I don't know, and I'm not sure if that's what they felt listening to the song, but I hope they found peace from it, lol. I just want to give them the right energy, something calm and chill for the long cold rainy nights.

TNH: Aside from its apparent narrative on longing for someone’s presence. What underlying meaning does this track carry that you hope your listeners can recognize?

Ardee: Imagine I am singing this to a ghost, to a lost lover visiting you every night, haunting you with that sweet and warm embrace. Nah, that's too deep; well, obviously, it was a romantic song. It might sound innocent, but actually, it's not (it can be, though, but it depends). We all know what that "Langit'' means; it's a euphemism for that climax, for that heavenly state (aka orgasm) lol jk. Well, maybe it depends on the listeners' perspective on how they will connect to the song.

TNH: Your music never fails to highlight the compelling force of wavy melodies, and this single appears to exhibit a precise linkage between its lyrical aspect and sonic arrangement. What can you share about the creative journey of this record, both in terms of its lyrical and sonic approach? What significant references greatly influenced the overall structure of Langit?

Ardee: References? Nothing specific but the "La la la's" in pop music; we obviously can't help but to love it. Actually, I don't know how I end up binge-watching a compilation of top la la la songs on youtube, but it gives me the idea of not putting actual lyrics on the hook. You know I write songs like I'm freestyling. I just vibe and write on the beat on the spot while my recorder is on, then I sing random melodies and mumble some verses before I actually write and pick the right words for the lyrics.

TNH: What makes this single different from your previous releases? What something new can your audience look forward to from Langit?

Ardee: Well, actually, Langit is in Filipino, and I rarely make Tagalog songs, but at that time, it was a new style. Chill and easy compared to my past works. (Go check out my old songs from SoundCloud lol). It wasn't my plan to go full R&B, but I'm still gonna give my listeners what they demand. Imma be serving vocals.

TNH: You’ve worked with Jeremiah Bulac and Jerald Mallari in producing this record. What can you share about the journey, and how would you describe the impact of their respective artistic ideas in the overall production of Langit?

Ardee: Uhm, I met Blu way back in 2019. At that time, I was experimenting and trying a new style. We decided to do a collab, so he sent me some R&B beats. First was our song Mood, but then I went back doing future bass EDM stuff and made a summer EP. That's when we started planning to make an EP. He made a lot of beats for that project, and I picked the beat for Langit to be part of it like the first time I heard the intro, I'm sure that it was a vibe. I write the lyrics, and I finish them in less than an hour. Like words came out easily, and the idea was like there already. Then, I sent some recording clips to him. The next day, I set up a recording session with Kuya Je. We haven't met for months, but he said he got some new plugins and presets he's been working on. Then it was like the universe got my back because everything he tried putting on it sounded perfect. Even the fillers and harmonies were not that stressful working on. That same day, we finished the track. The mastering was new, and the vocals seemed different from my earlier releases. It sounds like a perfect comeback. We all work in our prime. It was like a fresh start for all of us (in music).

TNH: The production of this record is motivated by your artistic drive to craft music that stimulates the feeling of love. After producing the record, how do you think Langit has influenced your artistry?

Ardee: I think the influence is writing love songs and relating it to something empyrean, something related to the sky. It became my thing. Well, I wrote a mini-album after making the song Langit, and the concept was connected to that one thing I really enjoy — Astronomy (what are you thinking? lol). You should check it out on Spotify; it's called Empyrean, and it includes a remix of Langit featuring Lorenz.

Since 2015, Ardee has been independently distributing his records to multiple digital media platforms. His artistry has been focused on highlighting the force of wavy melodies — featuring self-penned songs exhibiting Pop and R&B tunes with a mixture of EDM, Hip hop, and Trap music.

The production of Langit showcases the collaborative work among Ardee, up-and-coming producer Jeremiah Bulac, and Jerald Mallari, who arranged, mixed, and mastered the track.

You can now stream Langit on all digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

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