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Manila, Philippines

Anj Showcases His Nostalgic Take On ‘How Would You Feel’

Photo courtesy of evosound

Nostalgia can be a tricky thing for most listeners, as a lot of them will tell you that nothing can beat – or even come close - to the original; understandably, there is an intimacy and level of loyalty music fans have when it comes to their favorite tunes, especially the ones that bring them back to a specific period in their lives.

Following his debut single “You Are The Reason” featuring Iskala which is originally performed by Calum Scott, the rising artist Anj is here to break the mold and stereotype, with his all-new rendition of “How Would You Feel” by Ed Sheeran. This new music release features the silky smooth talents of vocalists Ana & Joms, and together, they’ve assembled a nostalgic R&B ballad with plenty of soul and emotion.

“Out of all the instruments, I feel that piano has this undeniable flexibility – I can play different genres, styles and sounds and easily express my creativity,” says Anj (whose real name is Angelo Neal Salud), when asked about his creative process.

When queried about his specific influences, he reveals that music from both the 80s and the 90s are a big part of his creative journey.

“I won’t stop producing music – the journey of recreating that sound that can remind people and bring them back on a trip to their formative years, to happier and simpler times, as they say nostalgia is a wonderful thing, and it’s nice and very fun to know and discover what a song can sound like in a different time... it takes the timelessness to a whole different level.”

How Would You Feel (cover art)

Anj is an up-and-coming producer and multi-instrumentalist, with a passion for re-imagining modern-day pop songs by giving them a timeless R&B twist. His unique approach lends itself well to the resurgence of this classic 80’s/90’s sound.

He was discovered through his 90’s rendition of “Mundo” by IV of Spades which was able to organically garner 85,000+ views, 10,000+ reactions and 500 comments on Facebook. His unique take on the song was noticed by the band members and was widely shared by fans.

Equal-parts smooth, sophisticated, and soaring, this 23-year-old is out to make a grand impression with his trademark ability to incorporate a fresh take on musical dynamics – skills mainly acquired and developed with his long standing relationship and fascination with music’s creative process.

At the young age of 13 years old, he was already a DJ – looping drums and remixing songs, and by the following year, he had learned how to play drums in the school band. From then on, it was an avalanche of furious learning– from self-teaching himself how to play the piano and guitar, to creating song mashups for fun, and to ultimately producing his own music.

Now Anj is crafting his own sound - R&B covers of popular pop songs- he hopes to bring an element of nostalgia to his recordings and to provide listeners with a fresh and unique perspective on some of their favorite songs.

“How Would You Feel” is released under international music company evosound, and now available on all digital music platforms.


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