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Manila, Philippines

Angelito and Mark Thompson of Project Moonman Drop Intense Sensual Collaboration 'Make Me'

Singer-songwriters and producers Angelito and Mark Thompson of Project Moonman just released one hell of a dope, collaborative track that will surely bring out both the heat and the chills to everyone.

The heavy hitting, sensual song, called Make Me, released under O/C Records on March 17, 2021 on all leading digital platforms, depicts the clashing yet strangely complementary moods of intense heat of one’s desires with the chill, romantic moves of the moment, both of which are inherently intertwined during the more intense, sexual escapes one experiences.

And a wonderful and powerful clash indeed the song turned out to be. The combination of Mark’s raw power and hard hitting beats that are so fire that it can set the place ablaze and the chill yet hauntingly powerful presence of Angelito and his whispery vocals that sing with so much meaning like he really means it definitely results in a song that can bring you down to your knees and turn up the tempo that’s just right for the sensual experience about to come up.

Make Me by Angelito and Mark Thompson is now out on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other leading digital platforms for those moments where you need to turn up the heat and spice it up for the night.


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