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Manila, Philippines

Ana Luna Releases Lead Single "Dapit-Hapon"

Photo courtesy of Ana Luna

Cebuano Singer-Songwriter Ana Luna teases her first EP with her comeback track - "Dapit-Hapon."

Following the success of her self-penned trilogy, High School Diary, Ana Luna is back with

Dapit-Hapon, the lead single of her first official EP coming out this year. Diverging from her

usual use of the English language in her songs, Ana Luna sings with the delicate use of the

Filipino language, a language close to her heart and home.

Dapit-Hapon is a folk pop love song that deviates its story-telling from the love tales that

have already been told as old as time, and instead focuses on a love that is unconditional

yet one-sided.

Photo courtesy of Ana Luna

"I remembered the moment I was given a beautifully written poem by a good friend of mine," recounts Ana. "it was 3-5 syllables short but it felt like a book with how much context and depth it possessed, and I saw it's potential to be a song."
"As a composer and song writer, I wanted to capture how vast the poem was through the melody and chord patterns. With this, everything was made from scratch. All I had was blank paper, my guitar and the idea of pouring the poem into song," Ana narrates.

With a simple production, limiting the instruments to a soft piano, a nylon-stringed guitar

and a cello, Ana Luna secures the naturally raw and beautiful vibe she wanted to portray,

making her chilling vocals and well-written lyrics stand out.

When asked about why Dapit-Hapon is her first EP single, Ana replied,

"The EP is a collection of storylines, with each track dedicated towards a different person. The core to my music is absorbing experiences from the people around me who inspire me a lot. I am the reflection of people who unconditionally love me and Dapit-Hapon captured the essence of that to a T."

Photo courtesy of Ana Luna

Set out to release more singles and her debut EP in the coming months, Ana encourages

you to keep up to speed with all updates on her music and other special surprises through

her social networks below.

Dapit-Hapon is available on all streaming platforms. Listen and download Dapit-Hapon HERE.

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