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Manila, Philippines

Alyn Magadia Breathes New Life into Bossa Nova with Her Latest Single, ‘IDGAF’

Photo courtesy of evosound

Out with an all-new rendition of the Dua Lipa track “IDGAF,” Alyn Magadia is out to prove that there’s always room for added creativity and a fresh, new perspective when it comes to classic songs.

Although the music is dubbed as “bossa nova,” listeners will almost instantly realize that there are more sonic layers, influences, and styles from other genres at play, working in perfect synergy; as the track plays, you can hear a lot of sophisticated pop and R&B elements – effectively delivered by Alyn’s disarmingly melodic vocals.

“There’s always been this notion about bossa nova being one-dimensional,” she begins to explain, when asked why she found herself drawn to the musical style.

She adds, “Understandably, it used to be considered as elevator music, or something that was very light and always just in the background – until it blew up more than a decade ago in the country...but then, it seemed to always be on the “safe” side of things – there wasn’t much room to play-around with and change the formula, which is why I’m hoping I could do just that: breathe new life into the sound, and let people hear that it’s okay to really play outside of the box.”

IDGAF (cover art)

Alyn Magadia is an up and coming Bossa Nova singer. Having been exposed to music at an early age due to her father being a member of an orchestra, Alyn Magadia started singing in front of big groups as early as when she was just 5 years old. Alyn Magadia has since been on the scene performing with well-renowned Filipino bands and orchestras, such as “Freestyle” and“FILharmoniKA”.

She has also collaborated with several, well-respected Filipino artists such Orlando Dela Cruz–– whom she has released three songs with. She has also taken part in several TV celebrity show guestings as a performer. The experiences have led her to further honing her chops and discovering even more styles and genres of music, including Bossa Nova–– with her musical influences including Kenya Hathaway and Regine Velasquez.

Alyn Magadia also showed her versatility in music when she re-interpreted the compositions of Orlando Dela Cruz for the Vehnee Saturno Online Songwriting Contest 2020, with the song "Yakap". The Songwriting Contest is hosted by Vehnee Saturno, one of the most well-respected songwriters in the Philippines, and is critically acclaimed for the high-calibre of talent that participates.

Now, Alyn Magadia is embarking on this new project which sees her taking pop classics, and crafting them into Bossa Nova favourites. With her sophisticated, smooth vocals and effortless flair, coupled with her dedication to enhancing her craft, Alyn Magadia is sure to be one to watch.

Released digitally under international music company evosound, “IDGAF” is now available on all digital music platforms and streaming sites. Listeners can also count-on many more fresh renditions from Alyn in the near future.

Don’t miss out on her recent releases by following the “House Of Bossa: Alyn Magadia”

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