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Manila, Philippines

Aly Remulla sings about battle between head and heart in new single, ‘Sigurado’

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

Singer-songwriter Aly Remulla releases her newest track,∫ on Friday, July 29. The track is published under O/C Records and explores the concept of war between the head and heart in matters of love.

Sigurado touches on a paradox anchored in one’s fear of falling for someone. The record's narrative also speaks of the journey of taking a leap of faith and allowing one to feel the warmth, love, and appreciation of someone. The record highlights the daunting decision process of falling in love or running away.

“The song is about the battle of the head and the heart, specifically for people who are afraid to fall in love. Sigurado is about the whole process of figuring out your feelings towards someone and how scary it can be to allow ourselves to be loved,” Aly explains.

In an exclusive interview with Aly Remulla, the artist shared more about her latest release: why she wanted to tackle the process of deciding between falling in love and running away, what makes this track a “coming-of-age film soundtrack” of her life, how her experience as a musical director for a girl-love series greatly influenced the production of this track and more.

TNH: Sigurado tackles the war between the head and the heart when it comes to falling in love. Why do you think conflict arises in such scenarios, and what prompted you to share your story about it through this track?

Aly Remulla: I think conflict arises because we’re afraid of setting ourselves up for heartbreak. Most of the time, even if we have all the right reasons to fall in love, we stop ourselves because of fear.
I wanted to write about the process of making a decision whether to fall in love or to run away and self-sabotage. Most of the time, we steer clear of things that can make us happy because the negative experiences that shaped us were all we’ve ever known. Sometimes, we just really need to take the risk and stop being afraid of what could go wrong.

TNH: What can you share about your creative process for this record? How did the record develop, and what were some of the highlights along the journey that greatly influenced the overall structure of Sigurado?

Aly Remulla: “Drunk words are sober thoughts.”
Liquid courage played a huge part in writing this song. I was under the influence in a hotel room back in 2018 after my best friend’s debut party. I had my guitar with me, and I started making an impromptu song which turned out to be Sigurado. Lucky enough, my friend was able to take a video.
I decided to record Sigurado in the middle of 2021, but it became a very frustrating experience because all of my music equipment magically broke down. After a few months, I got an offer to work as a musical director for Lulu, a girl-love series directed by Sigrid Bernardo. I learned a lot from Direk Sigrid and from making the music score for the series. I started to become more intentional and selective with the instruments that I bring to the track. I also realized how important the tiny details are and how they can massively contribute to guiding the audience throughout the story.
After working for the show, I applied everything I learned to Sigurado. It was humbly recorded in my room, and I tried my best to tell my story not just through my words but also through the music.

TNH: What distinct features does the song carry that your listeners should watch out for?

Aly Remulla: Out of all my released songs, Sigurado has the most instruments and vocal tracks. I’m excited for the listeners to hear the build-up of the big string section with all guitars, drums, synths, bells, and background vocals towards the end of the song.

TNH: In terms of its sonic arrangement, how would you describe the sound and vibe of this track?

Aly Remulla: I feel like it’s the coming-of-age film soundtrack of my life. I’ve always imagined this song as something you’ll play on the car ride home at 2 am with the windows down after a date. It can also be the song while you’re dancing with someone you like on your very first prom.

TNH: Your music showcases a form of escape from the hustles and hassles of life — bringing a piece of serenity to a chaotic environment. Through this latest track, what type of peace and comfort do you aim to bring to your listeners?

Aly Remulla: I’ve always wanted my listeners to feel that they’re not alone. I want them to know that there are lots of people who feel the same way.

TNH: After producing the track, how do you think this song influenced your artistry? What significant learnings occurred to you along the process that you think you can integrate into your future projects?

Aly Remulla: Sigurado made me more confident as an artist. I learned how to trust myself more, especially in producing my own songs. I learned how to trust my gut, my sound, and my ideas. Most importantly, I learned how to execute those ideas. I think I’ve been listening to external voices for so long that I forgot what I sound like—making Sigurado definitely cleared out all the voices in my head.

Sigurado (cover art)

Aly’s music is known to bring out some form of escape from a chaotic environment — a lullaby that deems to calm the rushing waters. Her previous releases include Isla, Luna, and the official soundtrack of the Vivamax series, Lulu.

This latest single, Sigurado, exhibits a harmony between her musical roots and flourishing artistic approaches, much like representing a “coming-of-age film

soundtrack” of her life. Sonically, the track features a sublime mixture of a big string section, synth, bells, and more.

You can now stream Siguardo on all digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.


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