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Manila, Philippines

All for Mama Ed

A mother will do anything for the cause of her children and so as a daughter would do for her mother. We all lived in an intro-public world as we face life in this pandemic with social media. We have seen the shady side of things but little did we know, these digital tools we use and embrace in real life, when used correctly, can do wonders.

Jenny Diamzon-Santos, the author of 'Unfair Love' and 'To All The Boys I Cried For Before' on Wattpad, started a 'GoGeTFunding' fundraiser for the medical needs of her mom who is currently hospitalized.

The GoGetFunding post says:

Our family is humbly asking every hearts to extend any amount to help sustain the medical

needs of our mother. She is in a hospital now with Pneumonia and Sepsis while undergoing dialysis 3x a week. Any help is much appreciated.

Indeed, the magic of social media has been one of the silver linings of this pandemic for her and her family. It is not that bad after all if we all still choose to be kind.

The fundraiser has raised around Php 36,500.00 as of this writing. Friends and families are also working on Christmas Live Carolling, Christmas Auction and a collective Christmas Bazaar of small businesses joined together for this cause. Stay tuned for the details.

The year that we have has been so unreasonable for all. But if try to look at the reason to continue on not give up, that is because we have each other to hold on to when dark days arrive.

Stay strong, Mama Ed!

For those who want to support this cause, you can check out directly the 'GoGetFunding' page here.


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