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Manila, Philippines

Alex Bruce relives romantic encounter in reggae-inspired bop “SUMFLING”

Alex Bruce returns with another inescapable jam that best describes the feeling of laid-back summer afternoons and beach vibes.

Alex Bruce

The Filipina recording star channels her idyllic youthful phase in the new single “SUMFLING,” out today via Sony Music Entertainment.

With suave vocals coasting through laid-back R&B beats and reggae-infused production, “SUMFLING” showcases another side of Bruce: warm and chill on the inside, but effortlessly catching our attention with her distinct brand of charm.

According to Bruce, “SUMFLING” allowed her to experiment with a variety of genres and confront her fears of going against the current.

“It was my decision to embrace that shift in sound and vibe,” Alex Bruce shares. “I’ve always wanted to explore new musical landscapes for every project that I work on, and I’m glad that in SUMFLING, I get to bring a fresh, laid-back energy to my music. It sounds chill but danceable at the same time. It was a refreshing change that challenged me as an artist.”

SUMFLING is an expression that I made up by combining the words summer and fling,” recalls the 17-year-old hip-hop sensation. “I was in Australia when I wrote this track. Life was very peaceful there, and somehow it inspired me to go on a writing spree.”

The tropical track revisits a memorable romantic encounter with someone during a holiday break.

Its release comes with a music video directed by David Olson. The MV follows Alex Bruce and her friends on a trip to La Union while enjoying nature hangouts, surfing sessions, and summertime conversations.

The visual narrative also shows Bruce meeting a random person on a bonfire, with the two romantically hitting it off for a few days straight and getting confused with their feelings for each other.

Bruce reveals, “We wanted the music video to reflect the overall vibe of the song. Summer is supposed to be about being outdoors, having fun, and feeling great about yourself, and this song perfectly captures that. I’m also happy that I’ve worked with my friends syd, Aira, Violet, and Thomas for the MV shoot. This will always have a special place in my heart.”

Alex Bruce’s “SUMFLING” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. You can also watch the music video here.


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