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Manila, Philippines

Ace Banzuelo reflects on yearning and young love in new song “Pag-ibig (Meron Ba)”

The electro-pop tune soars with minimalist arrangements and dreamy, bedroom synths.

Photo courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment

Filipino singer-songwriter/producer Ace Banzuelo reflects on the uncertainties of romantic commitment in his new single “Pag-ibig (Meron Ba?)”.

On the R&B-inflected, dream pop track, the young multi-hyphenate unpacks multiple reasons as to why love can be quite difficult to find.

Pag-ibig (Meron Ba) was inspired by a particular scenario in my life when I was looking for something not everyone can provide an explanation for,” shares Banzuelo.

“If you ask someone what love is, you will get a different answer every single time.”

Pag-Ibig (Meron Ba?) (cover art)

Produced and written by Banzuelo himself, “Pag-ibig (Meron Ba?)” effortlessly glides through bedroom synths and ethereal, minimalist arrangements, while making the kind of music that is easy to get lost in.

Ace Banzuelo also emphasized that he got to finish the track in one sitting. According to him, the second verse remains his favorite part of the song, as it explores the realistic experience of falling in love when you're young.

“Sonically, the song sounds like a dream, but it's very real at the same time,” the breakthrough chart-topper adds.

“I'm not going for anything big, but I kept it simple without losing my signature dreamy production style and R&B vocal performances.”

“Pag-ibig (Meron Ba?)” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony

Music Entertainment.


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