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Manila, Philippines

Aaron Bunac's Latest Single, ‘You Make Love Easy’ Sets the Tone for Debut AlbumRelease Slated for End of 2024

Aaron Bunac, the talented Filipino-Chinese Pop/R&B artist from Singapore, is quickly becoming a name to watch in the music industry. With a string of achievements under his belt and big plans on the horizon, he is gearing up for a monumental year ahead starting with his latest single ‘You Make Love Easy’. A fusion of Pop, Rock, Funk and Gospel, the single is now available on all major digital streaming platforms, and marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Aaron Bunac as he unveils a series of monthly singles leading up to the release of a full album ‘Date Nite’.

Aaron Bunac

You Make Love Easy’ captures the pure bliss and euphoria of being in a deeply fulfilling relationship, where Aaron Bunac sings of the effortless nature of love brought forth by his partner. With its infectious grooves and uplifting melodies, the song kicks off with an exhilarating burst of energy reminiscent of the golden era of 90s rock, drawing inspiration from the likes of Michael Jackson.

An accompanying lyric video for ‘You Make Love Easy’ released last 15 March 2023, which features footage from Aaron Bunac's India Tour, adding a visual dimension to the song's already vibrant and dynamic essence.

Aaron Bunac shares, “The video holds special significance to me. Not only is this the starting point of my upcoming debut album, ‘You Make Love Easy’ was finally performance-ready when I was on my India Tour. You can say the single was unveiled on those stages. I was very humbled by the warm reception, and I really wanted to share this special moment of my time in India with everyone”.

Aaron Bunac

Aaron Bunac's music is characterized by his distinctive vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and livesounding instrumentation, drawing influence from a diverse range of genres including SoulR&B, jazz, rock, and even heavy metal – a nod to his eclectic musical background as a former heavy metal enthusiast. Aaron Bunac has already made waves in the music scene, performing at two consecutive National Day Parades and showcasing his talents as a session keyboardist. His show, The Aaron Bunac Show, has garnered attention for its soulful and original melodies.

With ‘You Make Love Easy’, Aaron Bunac invites listeners to join him on an exciting musical journey as he continues to captivate audiences with his infectious energy and undeniable talent.

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