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Manila, Philippines

A.v.d.i. shares his move to protect inner peace in latest single, ‘Peace of Mind’

Photo courtesy of A.v.d.i.'s IG (@avdimusicofficial)

The rising R&B hip hop artist A.v.d.i. is raging the record charts to the hilt, releasing his 8th single for 2021, ‘Peace of Mind’.

A.v.d.i seems to be pulling out all the stops and revoking that ‘drip’ fashion style in putting out music as he has been consistently releasing at least one track a month since the beginning of 2021. After launching his first single for the year, Wait for You, he released more tracks from the vault, including Healing, Kid, Wishes, Goodbye, Free, and Home — a collaboration with other rising artists, Gela and Jayson Franz.

'Peace of Mind’, released last June 18th, poses a story of navigating the way through murky waters, stopping and refusing to let draining factors affect the way we protect our tranquility.

At the time of writing ‘Peace of Mind’, A.v.d.i. admits to being mentally and emotionally unstable, searching for peace and better days, and battling emotions of being in a constant state of rush.

“‘Peace of Mind’ is about me finding out what I gotta do in order to actually get that peace, whether that means cutting people off, drowning out the noise by staying off social media or something like that and also just understanding the process of ‘healing’ just takes time,” A.v.d.i explains.

The release of this single comes right after ‘Healing’, which interconnects with the narrative painted in 'Peace of Mind’. “I found that I tend to release songs in a certain order for me to be able to tell a story,” A.v.d.i. says.

Asked about the process of producing ‘Peace of Mind’, A.v.d.i. shares, “My first rule is to always create the music first and trust that the words will come. I find that the words always come easy to me when the music sounds right. For this specific song, however, I tried something I don’t normally do. I drank alcohol and got a little drunk. It’s not something I personally advise for songwriters or creatives, but in that specific moment, it helped.”

It’s not over yet for A.v.d.i. this year. Carry on as he is set to release more music throughout the year, dropping one track a month until November. “I just want to end the year really strong and let people hear the best of my music,” he says.

Stream ‘Peace of Mind’, available on all digital streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.


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