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A Song That Everyone Can Connect With: The Sundown’s “Don’t Stop”

Photo courtesy of UMG Philippines

Now is a great time to release a song that has been around since before the world stopped. This is true for the Cebu-based ensemble The Sundown, whose latest single, “Don’t Stop” is out now on all music streaming platforms. They are releasing this song under Island Records Philippines.

“Don’t Stop” was composed by Aaron Domingo, Gino Rosales, Alden Panes, Vincent James, and Luigi Balazo. It features Domingo on lead vocals, Rosales and Vincent James Eco on additional guitars, Balazo on bass, Panes on drums, and Nestor Royze Liston on saxophone. Balazo produced the song, which was recorded by the band’s members in their respective homes.

According to the band, “Don’t Stop” actually dates back to the pre-COVID era and is about toxic relationships, which is very relevant in an age where people are increasingly concerned about these things. However, their take on it is different and potentially challenging.

“This song was inspired by a toxic relationship seen from the perspective of the toxic person,” they say, “[because] we believe that this is a fresh take on toxic relationships. Every story has two sides, and we chose to share the one we don’t usually hear in songs.”

This challenging take, though, does not make the song unrelatable. The band says that they can relate to the song in different ways, and they believe listeners can similarly connect with it too.

The song has also gained a different meaning for the members of The Sundown, who were slated to play at the canceled 2020 Wanderland festival.

“If we were to relate our journey to it, it would depict how much we believe in ourselves and in the kind of relationship we have as members of [the band].” They tell us, “The pandemic is definitely a hard time for all of us, and it somehow felt like a misery we all needed saving from.”

Photo courtesy of UMG Philippines

It was more challenging since their time together playing and rehearsing was what they enjoyed together. With the worst hopefully passing us by, they are hoping to get back on track, playing live and recording together again. As they tell us, “We’re glad we didn’t stop!”

One could say several things about “Don’t Stop,” and among these would be a question that will hopefully whet the listeners’ imagination. So we asked, “If you could imagine someone listening to your song, where would they be, and how would they be listening to it?”

“[We imagine a] group of friends ending a super crazy night at a friend’s house (these are friends who tell each other what their hearts beat and cry for). They are all listening to ‘Don’t Stop’ while finishing their last bottle of beer. The song is blasting from the speakers, and they’re all dancing uncontrollably together while shouting out the lyrics.”

As The Sundown and everyone else in the music world are emerging into a new normal, we can imagine the catharsis and joy that comes with finally listening to a great song together.

Stream “Don’t Stop” out now on all music streaming platforms!

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