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Manila, Philippines

A Marble Well Spent - Janice Bermudez Speaks About Her Journey to Better Days

In one of our discussion here on the pod with Mo Twister, we cannot forget the line, "Life is important but sustaining life is expensive." There's just too much reality in that sentence that speaks a-lot about our society. At times, it takes out the freedom to live life in order to live. Responsibilities happen. Life happens.

As we knock to the Christmas week, it speaks more on our love ones who are separated to us not by choice but by what's needed. I can only imagine all the working professionals who need to be away from their families and be with the consumers to serve. We salute you. We have no words but gratitude for your sacrifices to prepare our meals, deliver our goods and just about any stuff needed to be done in crunch time.

Then we met, Janice.

We met her at a coffeeshop in one those hotels in BGC on a Wednesday morning. She sits down, enjoys her cup of joe, bites on her, croissant, talks to people and drive home whatever time she wants. A random chitchat turned into a wisdom session.

We wonder, in a city where everyone is hustling and rushing to make a living, how can she live her weekdays like that? Then her story started. She is working like every one of us. She is a financial advisor. But that wasn't always the case. It took time and sacrifices for her growth to go on full bloom.

A single mom for three kids, she basically doesn't have any choice but to do whatever there is to provide. Janice was one of our modern day heroes. She served a family in HongKong since 2015 up to 2018. Holidays come and go. Birthdays were celebrated with her apart. It makes her numb to a point where she needs to look at everything as ordinary. There are no rooms for emotions only stomach to feed. The urge to go back is always there however, the uncertainty of what's in store in our country on how it's going to be is always on top of her mind. Sadly, that is how real it can get in our situation.

Then come 2019 where she realises that it's going to be a life sentence. She knows that she doesn't want to be away anymore. With no financial stability, insurance and just being street-smart, she decides to shift gears. Financial literacy is that topic we don't get to learn everywhere. It is why the rich is rich and the poor is poor. We're no expert in the subject but based on what we know, you change your perspective as soon as you know it. You become someone that honestly you have been avoiding your entire life. It's like you heard it for years ago but you kept on saying no.

She started learning the rope of being a financial advisor. What she didn't know was, she was starting to learn to be free. Because as she goes deeper in the course, the more she embraces financial freedom. It's a lifestyle. It's a state of mind. She ain't your typical 'Girl Boss' with all that glitz and glam of designers to flaunt but what you see in her face is typically what we all want, peace of mind.

Our short conversation was cut as she needs to attend a school appointment for her daughter. The benefit we all want to have. Time for what matters. Why are we sharing this to you? This is not to persuade you. But we are just moved by her drive to take control of her life. Some goodbyes are good for our growth. We use our experiences, ALL OF IT, to craft a better hue in our path. We hold when we stop and when we move. No other soul can tell you that you can't. Because at the end of the day, things will be better. Just do while you wait for better days to unfold.

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Dec 19, 2021

Thank you The New Hue 💛

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