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10 quotes why 'unfair love' is keeping us up all night

We all have those iconic lines in mind whenever we watch films, read books and the likes. But in reality, those lines are embedded in ourselves possibly left unsaid in one moment of our lives or kept in the 'must-say-before-I-die' list. Unfair Love, written by Jenny Diamzon-Santos, served us with a bunch of those scenes in her first published book in Wattpad.

Here are ten of the lines we just can't imagine hearing in real life:

For those thinking-out-loud-what-if-moment.

"Kakaantay niya sakin, nalanta ang mga bulaklak, naiinip na ba siya? Hanggang kelan niya kaya mag-antay? Pano? Maski ako hindi ko alam kelan ako magiging handa? Pano kung isang araw, magising siya, suko na pala siya? Nainip na siya?"

For those who are afraid to jump, fall and everything in between.

"Mahal kita. Matagal na."

For those who reference song lines to say what they can't.

"Baka naman pwede mo na kong bigyan ng chance sabi nga ni Ric Segreto.. Give me a chance."

For those who look contented, but hurts in silence.

"May 'Brad' talaga?!?"

For those who doesn't want to believe that their fantasy is now a reality.

"Alam mo James, natutuwa ka lang sakin."

For those who are about to give up.

"Tah! Ano ba yan Jules!! Alam mo.. pagod na ko! Ang hirap mo mahalin!"

For those who feel hopeless.

"Dahil wala ako ron. Wala ako! Dapat andun ako. Tangina kasing VISA yan."

For those who don't give up.

"Yeah not for now pa. Maybe next time."

For those who we love and loves us back but not for us.

"Jules, just promise me one thing. Kung magpapakasal ka, siguraduhin mong mahal ka at higit sa lahat, yung mahal mo rin. Please don't settle for less. While you still have the chance. Unlike me."

For that one who got away, who continues to love us.

"You will love Sofia. You will be a good husband to her. You build a family with her. TOTGA mo na lang ako."

For those who still believe that forever is real. But not as happy as they say.

"Nakakapagod umiyak James ha. Hindi ka ba napapagod?"

"It seems habangbuhay na ko mapapagod, Jules."

According to the author, we are about to go to it's last leg and all the readers are in for a huge finale. Watch out for it. If you want to jump into the 'Jayjay' ship, you can start reading it here. The Spotify playlist sits here. Best to read with the songs in this moodlist.


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