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Manila, Philippines

Vizco’s is Coming to Manila - What Else To Try Aside From Their Strawberry Shortcake?

Your Baguio trip won't be complete if you don't drop by Vizco's Restaurant and Cake Shop and try their famous Strawberry Shortcake. The cake is almost synonymous to its shop that when you think of the top strawberry shortcake there is, Vizco's should be top of mind.

If you are a fan and you live in Metro Manila, then this sweet good news is for you: Vizco's Cake Shop is COMING TO MANILA! After 17 years since it opened in 2004 by owner Jackie Vizcocho, finally it will be available without the need to travel to Baguio. Although last year there have been resellers already taking orders for Manila customers, it's still exciting to know there's a physical store to go to in malls.

Vizco's Cake Shop will open in two branches: SM Megamall and SM North Edsa Annex.

To get you more excited, here are other Vizco's must-try that we hope would also be available in their Manila branches:


The next popular thing to their Strawberry Shortcake is the Mango Cake. Another fruity cake alternative but with the same quality and heavenly sweet & sour frosting experience.


Another pasalubong favorite in Baguio is Good Shepherd's ube jam. This made it not surprising that Ube has been one of Vizco's best seller as well.


Based on Tripadvisor's reviews on Vizco's Restaurant, it seems like their pasta has been getting a lot of approval among visitors. Their Paella Pasta (in photo) and Sun Dried Tomato Pasta are just some of the most mentioned. They have pizza to go with it as well!


There isn't a particular rice meal that stood out among Vizco's reviews but what we noticed is their satisfaction in terms of serving size. The comments are consistent - it's affordable and good for two.

No dates yet for the opening of the two branches (SM Megamall and SM North Edsa) but we sense that it's sooner than we think.


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