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Manila, Philippines

'The Cube'-- a new addition to an artist feat

Presenting 'The Cube', The New Hue Video Music Awards iconic memento

Manila, Philippines -- About a month had gone when we concluded this year's edition of The New Hue Video Music Awards. Originally tagged, Music Awards last year, the gang decided to bump it and make it Video Music Awards this year. Not only it gives the annual gathering and celebration of the music industry expansion in terms of music videos which supports the reach of our artist craft, but it also allows us to celebrate the entertainment industry as well. It's Video Music Awards and not Music Video Awards after all.

Al James with 'The Cube'

About 20,000 votes tallied when we opened the poll last January of this year and lasted till April. From the original six awards, we added three more awards this year to include the 'Best HipHop Artist', splitting the Best DJ award to 'Best Male DJ' and 'Best Female DJ' and 'Music Video of the Year'. It makes us grow the community that's starting making the platform more inclusive as we expand on what we can take. We expect to add more in the future editions as support from the industry from both mainstream and indie are left undeniably.

James Reid with 'The Cube'

Align with the celebration, 'The Cube' was introduced to mark the start of something certain. Far the last year's trophy which was inspired and customized to the likeness of the artist, 'The Cube' serves more weight to it. Designed by H himself, it represents the 'pandemic room' as he said. "There are some good things that happened in the stretch of the pandemic. This is a silver lining." he added. Enclosed by four corners, a black room where the inception of The New Hue was born. The reflective sides will mirror the bearer of it, celebrating the awardee's value of his/her hardship in the industry. Of course, we made sure it is heavy. A statement that 'The Cube' is a recognition earned and not just given. It was fabricated by our event partner, UIC, a member of the Primer Group of Companies.

Adie with 'The Cube'

Among the recipient of this year's awards are James Reid, Adie, Kenaniah, Ben&Ben, Al James, MRLD, Hannah Ichiko, Hoest and Zack Tabudlo. You can view the results and what took place here.


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