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Manila, Philippines

Tarsier Records introduces up and coming singer-songwriter, Dani Zam, with her single “Beso,”

Dani Zam

"Beso" by Dani Zam skillfully blends mellow vocals and catchy beats into an enchanting OPM track. It's about love that playfully lingers at the stage of "hanggang beso lang ako" (just a kiss in the cheek for now). It's when you don't want to lose the person and hope that your affection is not doubted even when you're unable to progress further into the relationship. "Beso" is a heartfelt story from the lives of people dear to Dani Zam, woven into melodies that capture emotions and love.

Beso cover

I think I wanted to start with a song that anybody - whatever gender / race / age - could relate to. The concept of “hanggang beso” is so sawi, so quintessentially Pinoy and familiar, and I want the listeners to have that experience recognized — especially cuz it’s so human and simple. It’s relatable, it’s catchy, it’s got a really funky groove. I think there is something inherently joyful about the track, and I just wanna get people dancing and feeling something. – Dani Zam on what “Beso” is about

The song has a good hook, I think it has definite earworm potential. The kind that gets stuck in your head during a commute or a slow day at work. The song that you dance to with your friends at a bar, that you bob your head to on a weekend road trip, or that you use as the background audio on your newest TikTok video. – Dani Zam on where she sees “Beso” going.


Dani Zam is a singer-songwriter from the Philippines. Having lived in various cities around the globe -- Manila, San Francisco, New York, and London -- she has formed a unique point of view of life.

She grew up in a musical family. Her dad plays the saxophone, her mom was a professional singer, and her brother is a DJ. Apart from that, she and her siblings grew up dancing hip-hop competitively. It's no doubt that music has become the love of her life.

With the wide range of musical genres she listened to growing up -- jazz, hip-hop, r&b, and classical music -- Dani Zam turned to musical influences such as Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, and JoJo as early inspiration for her own music.

In 2021, the self-taught guitar player and producer, released her debut EP entitled EDEN.

Her goal is to be someone that can help others express themselves through the music she creates. She aspires to use her own experiences and tell her own stories as a person with disabilities to inspire others to live their life ambitiously.



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