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Manila, Philippines

St. Wolf returns with a brand new hybrid sound for "Luhang Umaapaw"

The boys of St.Wolf are back with their brand new ‘hybrid’ sound, out of their 2021 debut release "Luhang Umaapaw".

The song comes in a warm and dark mood, while somber and dark elements are emphasized later in the song.

The usage of colorful synths is introduced in the break along with explosive techno, low-tuned guitars, and a grand layer of soulful, and heartfelt harmonies that brings the song its futuristic twist

Certain themes prominent in the song would be namely: spacey, futuristic, bittersweet, and a hint of repressed angst (something we all know and love).

If anything, St. Wolf’s sound has matured over 3 years without compromising the sound they brought to the industry.

Luhang Umaapaw portrays a story about questions, repercussions , indecisiveness, and letting go.

The song encapsulates the sentiment of indifference in which most of us need when moving on.

A song meant to mourn burnt bridges without anyone needing to experience it all over again.

Luhang Umaapaw is available on all digital streaming platforms under Warner Music Philippines.


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