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Manila, Philippines

Spark your cultural style with these Filipino fashion brands.

The Philippines has a vibrant and diverse culture. Not only famous for its beautiful islands but also with its "East meets West" saga through our history in trade and travel therefore adapting foreign influences. The baro’t saya, our national costume, fuses Filipino and Spanish fashion in the blouse and skirt ensemble. However, Filipino fashion incorporates more vivid and colorful elements from textures, patterns, beadwork, and styling.

Rediscover the beauty and unique aesthetic of the Filipino culture fashion with these stores.

1. Anika

Established in 2016, Anika is one of the leading Filipino fashion brands that highlights “infinite wearability for the fuss-free feminine”. True to her brand, it promotes the casual-chic and contemporary aesthetic from dresses up to rompers.

If you’re going for that chic and versatile look, Anika is the way to go.

Photo courtesy of @wear.anika

2. Piopio

Traditional Filipino attires turned into funky everyday wear. Piopio produces handcrafted, artisanal, contemporary everyday wear to preserve and showcase cultural traditions. Their jackets, dresses, and sets and guaranteed head-turners.

All of their products are carefully made and usually takes up two to 6 months to complete.

Photo courtesy of @piopio_ph

3. Vinta Gallery

Founded and first launched in Toronto, Vinta Gallery is now producing a wide-range of Filipino-inspired clothing items from Barongs, Ternos and up to jumpsuits. Ethically produced through an atelier system in the Philippines, the brand continues to provide opportunities to artisans and crafts people.

Photo courtesy of @vintagallery

Wear that proudly Pinoy-made piece and make a statement.

Drop your go-to local or Filipino-inspired fashion find in the comments below!


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