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Manila, Philippines

Sekar Astiari is back again with her fourth single, titled “Think of Me” about reaching a point of uncertainty in a relationship

Sekar Astiari

On April 25th, 2024 across all digital music platforms, music producer Sekar Astiari had released her fourth single, namely “Think of Me”. Born from a collaboration between the minds of maniasonic.; Sekar Astiari as the singer and producer alongside Tabitha Atmodjo as the songwriter, “Think of Me” tells a story about being in a relationship with someone and reaching a certain point where things take a turn.

As you go about a relationship with someone for a long period of time, things can get heated within the two. Arguments can turn into fights, it can also turn into silent treatments. Leaving one of them (or both) feeling wronged. However, if they really believe in each other, they would try to figure things out and get back together. But, before that happens, usually pride gets in the way, and that’s what this song is about. The frustration of being mad/angry with your significant other but in the end, you still want them to think of you when they close their eyes.

“You have your own ways of making me feel so less. You think of yourself too much. See? I’ll never be enough. I try so hard to be the person that you need. But, the way that you treat me is why I cry myself to sleep.” - Think of Me by Sekar Astiari

The second verse is the songwriter and producer's favorite lyric. It talks about “the struggle of not being good enough” and she feels that a lot of people can relate to it within many forms of relationships. That part of the lyric also tells about the perspective of expectations of people’s strengths and weaknesses.

Sekar Astiari

The lyrics were written by Tabitha Atmodjo, with Sekar as the co-writer. She wrote based on her own experience in her relationship. The feeling of being not good enough was something that Tabitha and Sekar had in common, which is one of the core reasons behind “Think of Me”. It also represents that longing feeling for your partner when you’re in a heated situation with them.

The producer mainly uses synths, upbeat drums and guitar solo in the back. Sekar’s trademark of her music is using upbeat drums, sample loops, sound/sample manipulation, vocal chops and combining other different sounds/melodies that fits to her songs. Arrangement wise, Sekar wanted to create buildups in every section by adding new instruments/sound as to deliver the journey of chasing love, this includes the guitar solo where the aim is to peak at the end of the song where it can be felt as hopeless but yet still chasing that hope for the relationship.

If you feel like you’re in an argument with your partner but you still want attention from them, this song might be for you.

The Official Lyric Video will be published on 29th April 2024 on maniasonic’s Youtube channel with link below


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