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Manila, Philippines

Sean Oquendo launches debut single under O/C Records, ‘Lika Na’

Lika Na (Cover Art)

Singer-songwriter Sean Oquendo made his debut release under O/C Records with ‘Lika Na’, last May 20.

Lika Na captures Sean’s journey in achieving his dreams as a singer and the value of the people who have supported him along the way. The track serves as the artist’s personal message for those who supported and believed in him.

“This song is really about my dream/pangarap. Bata pa lang ako, pangarap ko na talaga maging singer. Ang tinutukoy ko sa song na ‘to, eh yung pangarap ko maging singer.”

In an interview with the artist, Sean Oquendo shares his thoughts on releasing his debut single under O/C Records, how Lika Na encapsulates an important message of gratitude for the people who believed in his talent, why this track represents his soul, and more.

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

TNH: First off, congratulations on being one of the newest odd creatures of O/C Records. How do you feel about your debut release under the label?

Sean: I have always seen myself as an odd person. Kakaiba kasi ‘yung approach ko sa buhay and in music. I treat it not just as meditation pati medication ko for my mental health. That’s why releasing my debut under the label that celebrates artists like me feels empowering, and I’m beyond grateful.

TNH: Let’s talk about your single, Lika Na. You’ve mentioned that this track is actually about achieving your dream as a singer and the people who have supported you along the way. What made you decide to share this story through your single, and how important is it for you as an artist to express such emotions through your song?

Sean: I’ve decided to release this song first because it’s extremely important for me to express my gratitude to the people who have been there, always believing in me both as a person and as an artist. ‘Yan ang balik ko sa kanila bilang malaking pasasalamat. Also, I want to encourage young and old dreamers na huwag tumigil sa pangarap nila. I may be far from the metro, pero ginawa ko ang lahat just to be where I am now. If I was able to do it, I know they can too. Kaya “Lika Na” ang title ng song, dahil I want the audience to see me as a friend that will support their journey through music that will significantly help them move towards success.

TNH: What can you share about the creative process of this track? What remarkable experiences along the production journey impacted you as an individual and as an artist?

Sean: Every step of the creative process was remarkable para sa akin. Before, ako lang kasi ang gumagawa ng sarili kong tracks. Now, I have extremely talented people working with me. It impacted me big time dahil naramdaman ko na talagang may naniniwala sa vision ko as an artist.

TNH: You’ve worked with Kai Garcia and Hazel Pascua in producing the record. What can you share about the experience? How did the collaboration of artistic ideas influence the overall arrangement of Lika Na?

Sean: Working with Kai and Hazel was such a privilege. Their suggestions made a huge impact sa overall success ng material. The experience was surreal kasi never pa talaga ako nagkaroon ng chance to work with sophisticated professionals until I met them. Without them, hindi magiging strong ang ‘yung energy ng song. That’s why I’m confident na mararamdaman talaga ‘to ng mga makikinig. Three heads are better than one :)

TNH: As an artist, you describe yourself as someone who doesn’t stick to just one sound and style as you usually go for “the vibe” that each story tries to convey. What can you share about the sonic arrangement of Lika Na? How would you describe the “sound,” “mood,” and “vibe” of the track?

Sean: The arrangement of the song, I can say, represents my soul. The sound is a storyteller, the mood is both light and heavy, and the vibe gives the listeners the urge to stand up and do something about what their hearts desire. ‘Yun ang magic ng sophisticated music production. Talagang nabibigyan ng buhay ‘yung ideas, and I’d like to take advantage of this opportunity to thank O/C Records for making this happen.

TNH: What makes Lika Na different from your previous releases? What can your audience expect from this track and you as an artist that they have never witnessed before?

Sean: Mas ramdam ang message nitong song na ‘to because it doesn’t just represent me. Talagang binigyan namin ng buhay ‘to dahil as mentioned, this is dedicated to the people who believe in me at sa mga taong nasa baba na maniniwala para mabigyan sila ng strong motivation to go further to reach the top

TNH: Aside from the core message of this track, what do you think is the underlying message of Lika Na that you wish to impart to your listeners?

Sean: Gusto ko lang talagang iparating sa mga listeners na sa pag buo ng pangarap, laging may mga taong handang sumama sayo, handang tumulong at mag bigay ng suporta.

TNH: After being signed under O/C Records and having released your debut single, what can we look forward to from Sean in the next coming days?

Sean: Because of what O/C Records can do, Sean will be able to tell highly relevant stories of today. Meaning, ang Sean na makikita ng mga tao will be like a Chameleon. Pabago-bago ng anyo to represent the colors of today’s individuals. Kaya be ready to see yours

From recording everything on his own to having talented creatives pitch in their artistic take for the production of his music, Sean shares that producing Lika Na impacted him tremendously as an artist — making the creative process of this song a remarkable one for he had people believing in his vision.

You can stream Lika Na on all digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.


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