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Manila, Philippines

‘san juan’: bird. releases a new track about holding on

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

Alternative four-piece band, bird., launches their latest single, ‘san juan,’ on Wednesday, April 20. Published under O/C Records, the band presents an alternative-indie-rock track highlighting a narrative that explores the concept of clinging onto something until one reaches a point of exhaustion.

In a chat with the band, they discussed the story behind their newest single, the significance of sharing the narrative revolving around the concept of holding on to their listeners, and how this track carries the goal of the ensemble: spread positivity, oneness, self-love, and good vibrations.

san juan (cover art)

TNH: There seems to be quite an interesting connection between the title of the song and its narrative revolving around holding onto and fighting for something that eventually emotionally drains us. What can you guys share about the process of deciding to describe the story of this track as san juan — which you guys refer to as the band’s “studio/cage”?

bird.: You can say that “San Juan” is somewhat of a sanctuary in this song. San Juan can refer to our bandmate Hannah’s studio in Greenhills. Or this can also be San Juan, La Union, where the principal songwriters of the band, Aaron and Eco frequent. As you’ve already described, it talks about holding onto something that can be draining. It’s always nice to have something constant or something to come home to when life drains you.

TNH: As a band that carries a goal of spreading positivity, oneness, self-love, and good vibrations through your music, what made you guys decide to share the narrative of the song with many? How important is it for the band to convey the message of the track to your listeners?

bird.: We think that this whole experience narrated in the song can be a universal thing. It be about love, family, or career. Putting out a song aligns with our goals as we hope other people can see themselves in the narrative of the song and that they are not alone in their troubles or worries.

TNH: In terms of your creative collaboration as a band, how did you guys integrate your individual artistic ideas into the overall structure of the song?

bird.: It’s just the dynamic of the band supporting each other, really. Eco comes up with a riff, then Aaron comes in and helps flesh out and create chords, lyrics, and melodies. Both Calde and Hannah then help bring to life their ideas to life.

TNH: How about the overall sonic arrangement of the track? What can you guys share about it?

bird.: It’s really a song more or less already written by Aaron and Eco. Of course, the final arrangement would depend on how it would sound when played together live as a band.

TNH: How did this track influence your artistry as individual artists and as a band? How do you think each member evolved through the production of this track?

bird.: We can’t really pinpoint an “evolution” of our individual artistries. But what we can say is that this was a fun track to write, record, and put out since it would be our first Tagalog single.

TNH: What can your listeners expect from san juan, aside from its lyrical and sonic take on such a stirring story?

bird.: Hopefully, a music video to help tell the story of San Juan

Since its inception, bird. has created a notable catalogue, including their debut single, weekend, released in 2019, followed by Ride and hardwood jack, released in 2020. After a year break, they present their newest single, san juan. for anyone out there who needs some vibecore rhythms of good vibrations.

bird. is composed of Carlos Calderon (bass), Hannah Jabla (drums), Aaron Corvera (drums), and Eco Del Rio (vocals/guitar)

You can stream san juan on all digital streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.


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