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Manila, Philippines

Project Moonman Drops Debut Album Gemini Because Why Not?

There are some things that are best done with a purpose in mind and then there are those that are done just for the heck of it, and the release of the experimental rock band Project Moonman’s debut album Gemini is one of those things.

In their own terms, this group of misfits who make music released this album to their fans simply “because we can”, on which they also added that they’re fans of different eras, genres of music and their experimental nature allows them to blend these influences and make music that they want to hear as artists. Like the members of Project Moonman, you will definitely want to hear the hard hitters of this album, which contains brand new bangers as well as re-imagined previous releases, on which the band gave a plenty of last year.

The new tracks of this album – the powerful launching track Moonman, the emotional rollercoaster that is IGBAF (I Got a Bad Feeling), The lively and inspirational Sunny Day, the obsessive banger Feel Your Love, the soothing chiller Healing, and the guilt tripper trip Feel, all show the growth of Project Moonman as a band in terms of sound and how its members interact and collaborate to create hard hitters over and over again.

The 90’s inspired bop Cycle for example, was re-imagined as a commentary on how people put themselves up into deadly cycles of want and greed at the expense of everyone else. Not only that, they also made perfectly blended mashups of their existing songs and turn them into an even more epic drop, which was done with Streetlights/Nightshift and YCPM/Lost.

Go and treat yourself to an epic trip you’ve never experienced before with Project Moonman’s album Gemini, now available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other leading streaming platforms.

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Highlight track: 'Healing' Official Audio:

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