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Manila, Philippines

PREP leads first KARPOS LIVE show of 2024

Kicking off KARPOS LIVE’s first damn good show of the year is London-based yacht rock band, PREP! This marks the band’s 5th time in Manila and their 2nd run under KARPOS since their much-awaited performance at Wanderland Festival 2019.

Formally made in 2015, the band PREP is made of the collaboration of notable artists: Tom

Havelock (vocalist and lyricist), Llywelyn Ap Myrddin (keyboardist), Guillaume Jambel

(drummer), and Dan Radclyffe (producer).

One of the best tracks that came from the four-piece band is their song ‘Cheapest Flight’

(2016) with lyrics that speak of an easy escape from the stresses of day-to-day life, floating justabove its equally laid-back beats.

Not to mention, the British “Marina Pop” band gained mainstream success when they made

their own addictively groovy rendition of “‘As It Was’ by fellow UK lad Harry Styles—which

ultimately added new ears to the band’s music.

So don’t cut & run, Karpos Live Presents: PREP is set to happen this coming May 7 at the

Filinvest Tent, Alabang.

There are still a few available tickets via


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