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Manila, Philippines

PLUUS Lights Up The P-Pop Scene With Latest Single “Shining Star”


On their half-year mark as SBTown’s first boy group, PLUUS shows youthful side with their latest "Shining Star" released under Universal Records Philippines.

After recently releasing an emotional ballad single “Missing You” in August, a huge shift on Shining Star’s concept proves the group’s versatility as artists. This single depicts a dynamic, youthful, and refreshing vibes of how amusing the start of love is. It was written along with one of their three debut songs, “My Time”, which entails how they overcome their struggles and the process they went through as trainees.

Attraction, infatuation, and hesitance felt during the early stage of love - this is what “Shining Star” is all about. Unlike their first single, this song has never been heard and performed by the group which heightens excitement among fans of PLUUS called SUM.

Besides promoting locally through local mall tours (WeGo SUM-all Tour), magazine cover (PARCINQ), and other event guestings, the group shares how they equipped themselves even more to showcase another side of PLUUS, where they even flew all the way to South Korea to record and prepare for this comeback.

The group is set to perform this song on the ASAP stage, and indeed, the anticipation of this new track adding another breath of fresh air is something that all their fans and P-Pop enthusiasts can eagerly look forward to.

Last March, the P-Pop boy group debuted with a mini-album PLUUS +.Y.M. composed of three debut songs namely: “My Time”, “Cross My Heart”, and “Amigo.” Along with their first single “Missing You”, “Shining Star” will be their 5th released song in just six months after their debut. An official music video was also released by SBTown and UR to support this release. It even has a cameo of Tatang Robin and YGIG’s very own, Maeg. (WATCH HERE)


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