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Manila, Philippines

paullagac Embraces Moving On With New Single "Play It Cool"


Rising Filipino Artist Explores the Aftermath of Rejection With Smooth Vocals and Catchy Melodies

Filipino singer-pop songwriter-visual producer  paullagac has released his highly anticipated new single "Play It Cool" out now on Dreamify Records and all streaming platforms. The sees the up-and-coming artist navigating the confusing mind games that often come after pursuing an unrequited romantic interest.

Over a beat with upbeat guitars and singalong harmonies paullagac vulnerably recounts the emotional turmoil of chasing after someone only to be left on read. With his signature raw lyricism and silky smooth delivery he encourages listeners to embrace the with poise.


"'Play It Cool is all about acting like that didn't faze you even when it really stung" explains paullagac. "The get real about those mixed feelings but the is still super laidback. It's an for moving forward. "

The vibrant danceable production provides the perfect backdrop for paullagac's reflections on playing it cool when the of love goes awry. Though inspired by his own personal experiences, the, relatable track is sure to resonate with anyone who has had to pretend everything is fine after being curved.

"Play It Cool" is out now on Dreamify Records and all digital streaming platforms.


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