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Manila, Philippines

Palo Alto Networks Just Dropped the Mic in Securing The Home with Okyo Garde

Work is now everywhere! On the kitchen table, in the bedroom, in the small business, in our case in the Philippines, at home. Next is Enterprise-grade Cybersecurity EVERYWHERE. Next is NOW.

A look at how heavy cyber crimes grew in a span of a year in this pandemic, phishing and ransomware are just some of what is happening across the Internet. With more and more people and devices being connected, the amount of targets are limitless for the attackers.

The crimes grew 3 times when the transition happened. Proving the fact that consumer innovation such as wearable tech and how our devices evolved against the backbone innovation which involve the cybersecurity layer of the whole infrastructure.

Ransomware rose for about 64% last year. It's an attack that encrypts all of your data with the intention to extort money. It's more than an attack. It's a business. It can be triggered as simple as a harmless email from your child's school or better yet, sugar coated with vaccinations related to COVID-19. Attacks right now are embed to our day-to-day lives as how IoT have invaded the way we live as well. IoT devices such as smart TVs can be compromised by these actors to takeover the microphones and cameras in it and serve as a private eye in our households.

58% of CISOs across the globe said companies are more vulnerable due to remote work. But it's not only the large corporations being targeted, 18% of small businesses feel prepared for a cyber incident. And there is no other way in this pandemic to move forward but to go digital to continue on with surviving.

Everyone's a target.

Compromised credential of a financial advisor can lead into leakage of sensitive information of a client. A small clinic can have their records locked up with ransomware until they pay up freezing the operations due to unavailability of the patient's data and endangering real lives.

Enterprise-grade security with consumer simplicity. As defined, it has real-time access to Palo Alto Networks' industry leading threat intelligence which includes the most extensive and accurate catalog of good, bad and suspicious sites across the Internet.

It keeps an innocent click on a phishing email to becoming victims of stolen information by blocking the road to a rouge website. It prevents the malicious code on an online ad stealthily downloaded to your devices to ever retrieving the ransomware that will hostage your data. It stops a compromised smart speaker from connecting to the hostile actors who are looking to takeover your microphones to eavesdrop on your confidential conversations taking place in your own homes. The kind of cybersecurity that protects hospitals, banks, telcos and governments all over the world is now available for our homes as a part of it is now connected to our work life when we try to live and move forward with work-from-home environments.

As for it's ability to connect and expand it's security blanket, it's premium Mesh-enabled Wifi 5 system enables it to extend the security and cover the corners of our homes. It ensures the performance and protection across all the connected devices within our home network. Add up it's industrial look as it would blend in to your homes. It's not intended to be hidden, it demands to be seen.

Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition will also come with a separate subscription to protect employee's personal network. Extending the quality of protection for all and acknowledging that wherever work happens, that is a part of your perimeter.

Nir Zuk shared his vision on how the brand is moving towards what the world needs. Our homes becoming the branch for our work. Having unsecured home networks and adding easy targets that demands to be protected, like our smart devices and of course, our kids. It suddenly becomes a dirty environment. Kids installing apps. Clicks everywhere. We need to be knowledgable that COVID-19 is not the only virus we should be aware of in this pandemic. The pandemic has gone digital.

With Okyo being Palo Alto Networks' fourth pillar that aims to protect the homes and small business by providing enterprise-grade security for all, the game once again changed. To recap, you might want to take a look in this summary.

  • Enterprise-grade security from Palo Alto Networks, the world's largest security company

  • Protection for all of your devices

  • Fast mesh-enabled WiFi 6 included

  • Simple & easy to use mobile app

  • Advanced parental controls

  • Beautiful industrial design

And by the way, Nir Zuk doesn't fail with his choice of shirt. Raw.

Can't wait till Okyo reaches the Philippines. A must-have for all connected household.

You can check the rest about Okyo by Palo Alto Networks here.


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