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Manila, Philippines

Odd Creatures Our Cue – Take a Deep Dive Into the Real Stories of Artists

It’s all too easy to be amazed by the skill and talent artists have been bringing to the table recently, especially amidst the still continuing pandemic and its repercussions we still have to face well into the future, and forget that just like the rest of us, they also have to face the challenges it brought to their creative process as artists and their lives as people.

For this reason, O/C Records, together with Viva Live Inc, presents Odd Creatures Our Cue – a storytelling kind of online concert wherein O/C artists share their experiences about their struggles as musicians and artists in this pandemic and tell their stories on how they cope up, continuously create music and adapt in the new way of performing.

The eclectic assembly of artists hailing from different creative backgrounds that will present their stories are Kean Cipriano, Unique Salonga, mimiyuuuh, Glaiza de Castro, Dora Dorado, Patty Tiu, Earl Generao, Rice Lucido, Frizzle Anne, Zsaris, Martin Riggs, Cean Jr, Adie, Aly Remulla, and Eugene Layug with The Cips hosting this online concert.

Odd Creatures Our Cue will premiere on March 27, 8PM on the official Facebook pages of O/C Records, Kean Cipriano and Viva Artists Agency and will be re-airing on March 28, 8PM on VIVA Records Youtube Channel.

The New Hue ( is an official media partner for this event.


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