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Manila, Philippines

Miaow, Gabby Suzara and Tirso Ripoll break the boundaries of Future Bass, R&B and Rock with N.O.W

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

The pandemic did help us create beautiful things -- take for example this trio of Miaow, Gabby Suzara and Tirso Ripoll.

The project originated during the pandemic when Tirso reached out to Miaow just after she released her project with Marc Abaya. Gabby on the other hand became stream buddies with Miaow on Kumu.

N.O.W as a whole is an electronic dance track, specifically Future Bass with R&B and Rock elements. Miaow and Gabby wrote about a circumstance where you're unsure of whether it's good or bad for you, but you're kind of smitten with it right now despite beginning to sense signs that it might not be helping you. But you just have to go through the motions. like there's only one option: through. This is applicable to friendships, relationships, substance abuse, employment, etc.

The hook went thru 2 iterations. The final one you hear in the recording was written by Ais Nicaution. The drop as well went thru 2 versions where the first one, Miaow just let the guitar run but later on decided to chop it up for a bouncer feel taking a page from the playbook from artists like TroyBoi and Ookay.

You can now stream N.O.W here.


Gabby Suzara is the daughter of Pop/R&B legend and former Freestyle frontman, Top Suzara. She is also a Tiktok Personality. Tirso Ripoll is the lead guitarist of the rock band Razorback. Miaow is a former print and commercial model, and former runway muse who got into DJing, music production and is fascinated by bending people's perception of musical genres and blurring the lines between styles.


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