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Manila, Philippines

“Maki is back to complete his story with his first ever EP with questions of pain and heartbreak


“Tanong” EP is a very personal journey of heartbreak that perfectly touches and encapsulates the extreme emotions and confusions during the moments of lost love. Maki successfully created a collection of catchy yet emotional OPM bops that preach about the pain and longing brought by a broken heart. This EP was meant to help Maki process his feelings but ended up being something that is meant to comfort those who can relate to the songs.

Tanong is such a precious project for me. I, together with the team, worked on this project for a year and a half and I poured all my heart on this project. The story of "Tanong" EP started with the song "Bakit?", actually unang title ng “Bakit” is “Tanong”.


Last year, I went through so much pain mentally and emotionally. I had no one to talk to about my questions back then except for my best friends, but I didn't wanna bother them so I just started writing my questions on a paper. Sinulat ko lahat ng tanong ko sa mga taong wala na sa buhay ko, missed opportunities, as well as yung mga tanong ko sa sarili ko.

EVERYDAY nung una akala ko magiging journaling journey ko lang siya at araw araw akong iiyak but it turned out to be the best project I did so far sa career ko.

I never thought na my greatest pain could turn into something I can look at now as a possession I'll treasure forever. heartbreak is not a joke whether it's with relationships sa partner, friends, family and also with yourself”. - Maki on, “Tanong” EP

"Tanong" EP by Maki will be out on all streaming platforms, September 22, 2023 midnight.


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