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Manila, Philippines

Lola Amour is back with a new single ‘Fallen’

Photo courtesy of Lola Amour's IG (@lolaamourph)

The Filipino indie pop-rock bank Lola Amour drops first single for 2021 ‘Fallen’. Released last June 25th under Warner Music Philippines, ‘Fallen’ comes after the band’s EP release in November 2020 — ‘Don’t Look Back (Revisited)’, comprising new arrangements of their previous songs and an additional fresh track ‘Please Don’t Leave’.

After a trip down memory lane, Lola Amour presents ‘Fallen’ — a narrative revolving around contemplating on expressing bottled up emotions for someone, knowing that an attempt would only bring turbulence in the friendship.

‘Fallen’ has been in the cellar for quite some time, written by the band’s vocalist Pio Dumayas, during his final year in college, inspired by the feelings he developed for a friend at that time.

“I wrote fallen about someone from school when I was in college, some person that I really liked, and the whole idea of fallen is having deep feelings for someone but parang gusto mong i-tago. You wanna hide it, but you also wanna let it out, but, you know that if you let it out, it’s just gonna cause trouble,” Pio explains in a lyric breakdown video published on the band’s YouTube channel.

“It’s just about feeling content with the feeling that you have for that specific person,” he adds.

Lola Amour is the 7-piece indie band behind hit tracks Pwede Ba, Sundan Mo Ko, and Maybe Maybe, to name a few.

Comprising of Pio Dumayas on lead vocals, Martin Kim on keyboards, Raymond king on bass and background vocals, Zoe Gonzales on guitar, Angelo Mesina on trumpets, Joxx Perez on saxophone, and Renzo Santos on drums, Lola Amour gradually made their way to the Philippine music scene in 2016 after winning the Wanderland Jungle Battle in the Wanderland Music & Arts Festival.

‘Fallen’ is out on all digital music platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.


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