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Manila, Philippines

Lochnezz Releases Hard Hitting Track Bente Bente for the Year that Hit Us Hard

As we’re now down to the last month of the utterly despicable year that is 2020, singer-songwriter and nature music producer Lochnezz releases Bente Bente, a track that perfectly sums up the year that most of us won’t remember fondly, under O/C Records on December 12, 2020 on all streaming platforms.

The heavy, industrial track tackles just about everything that went wrong with the double twenty, ranging from the endless series of disasters that struck the country to the consistently slow and incompetent government response to these disasters that’s shown each time they happen, which combined with their inability to get their priorities straight and their utter lack of sense of urgency, makes for a song that one can rage into for the year that never was with us.

The song induces a heavy atmosphere in it through the use electronic noise rock orchestration with some hard hitting bass sounds and some heavy hitting beats, which is finally topped up with the justified use of the word “tangina” repeated in chorus over and over to emphasize the clusterfuck that is 2020 and its straight to the point, no fuss message of the hard times and of the lackluster government action.

Bente Bente, the one man 2020 year ender show by Lochnezz, is now out on all digital platforms for those who want to release their frustrations for the year and rock it away.

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