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Manila, Philippines

Leah Halili releases introspective new track “Change”

The electronic-tinged pop song is produced by prolific musician Nick Lazaro, and penned by Leah herself

Leah Halili

The Ransom Collective’s Leah Halili reflects on the difficulties of navigating the recent events in her life on her new single, “Change,” out on all digital music platforms worldwide this Saturday, January 13.


The introspective track serves as a love letter to the changes that one has to go through at some point in their adulthood, regardless of how drastic or trivial it is. As Leah Halili puts it, people need to overcome challenges in order to adapt to certain situations and welcome a sense of renewal. With “Change,” she wants to document her learnings through years of surmounting anxiety and fear, from embracing transformation in life without inhibitions to pushing a lever and switching paths—all in the name of new beginnings.

“The song touches on the brevity of life and the richness of experiences,” the Filipino singer-songwriter said. “It emphasizes the belief in enduring truths despite pain,  focusing on the positive and hope that surround us.”

Leah Halili

Produced by prolific experimental/indie artist Nick Lazaro, “Change” integrates dreamy, textured guitar lines with electronic elements. Temporarily veering away from the stripped-down and folk vibe of her previous releases, Leah embraces a more eclectic side of pop music while retaining the confessional nature of her songwriting.

She adds, “For this specific track, I wanted to achieve something really different compared to my previous singles: ambient, soft sounds with echoey vocals and a little bit of electric, dancey vibe. But at the center of it all is a pop tune that fits well with my personality. It’s still very me.”


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