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Manila, Philippines

Jimmy Pablo and Mike Kosa Unite in Uplifting Collaboration, 'Get Up'

Two titans of the music world, Jimmy Pablo and Mike Kosa, have joined forces to create a sonic masterpiece that's set the global music scene on fire. Their highly anticipated collaboration, "Get Up," is already making waves with its inspirational and energetic message that encourages listeners to chase after their dreams.

Jimmy Pablo and Mike Kosa

"Get Up" is a musical journey that effortlessly blends Jimmy Pablo's signature rhythms and Mike Kosa's unmistakable lyricism. The track is a compelling amalgamation of rap and contemporary beats, designed to make you "Get Up" and move to the rhythm while pursuing your aspirations.

Jimmy Pablo, known for his infectious melodies and outstanding stage presence, shared his excitement about the project, saying, "Working with Mike Kosa has been an incredible experience. 'Get Up' is all about empowerment and positivity. We want to inspire people to face life's challenges head-on and rise above them."

Mike Kosa, a celebrated lyricist in his own right, added, "This collaboration has allowed us to express ourselves in a whole new way. 'Get Up' is about finding strength in adversity, and it's a message we hope resonates with our listeners."

The music video for "Get Up" is a visual feast that captures the essence of the track perfectly. Filmed during a Canadian tour, the video is a cinematic masterpiece that transports viewers on a visual journey that mirrors the emotional depth of the song. The tour provided an incredible backdrop for the video, enhancing the storytelling element of "Get Up."

"Get Up" is already resonating with fans of both artists and new listeners alike, with its universal theme of resilience and determination. The track and music video are currently available on all major music platforms.

Immerse yourself in the world of Jimmy Pablo and Mike Kosa with "Get Up," available now.


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