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ICYMI! The New Hue Video Music Awards 2023 marks the rise of a united OPM community

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

OPM artists from different genre, labels and generations celebrated the local Pinoy music scene at The New Hue Video Music Awards 2023


Weather didn't break the spirit of the rising OPM scene as artists and labels from the local music scene gather in The Astbury in Poblacion, Makati for The New Hue Video Music Awards 2023. It was indeed a night that will not only be remembered where the best of the best are recognized but also a night where generations meet celebrate music.


When we asked H, founder of The New Hue, when was this crazy idea of putting up an event to recognize the local music scene that's been happening for 2 years now, he just quoted Sandwich by saying, "Wala na nung Myx (PH), Wala na nung MTV (PH). Puro na lang Internet. Wala na ring iPod o MP3. Wala na ring cable. Puro na lang cellphone. Wala na ring CD o DVD. Nagkaron lang ng The New Hue then all started to be foolish and just straight moves."

Voting for this year's awards started last February 1, 2023 and ended last April 30, 2023. With partners like The Astbury, Skoop, Engkanto, JCMedia, The Accents, UIC of Primer Group and Red Thread Events, supporting with their value, it materialized.

The New Hue Video Music Awards 2023, one that is supported by the music industry, recently ended, enthralling attendees with a night of outstanding performances, moving remarks, and well-deserved awards. The yearly event, recognized for promoting ground-breaking music, music videos and pushing the envelope of creativity, once again honored and celebrated the best in the business. Let's take a closer look at the event's high points this year, which proved to be a celebration of diversity and craftsmanship.

Display of Diversity and Inclusivity

This year's The New Hue Video Music Awards continued their tradition of supporting inclusivity and diversity. From unsigned artists to local DJs, it serves as the platform where all music meet. The concert featured musicians from a variety of genres, social classes, and cultures, demonstrating the ability of music to bring people from all backgrounds together. The event was enhanced by the participation of performers from different backgrounds and inspirations, allowing listeners to take in a variety of musical influences and aesthetic expressions.

Impressive Performances

The New Hue Video Music Awards 2023 stage saw a number of stunning acts that astounded the audience. The performances, which were visually magnificent and emotionally stirring, showed the artists' originality and flair. Each act, from fresh upbeat music to private acoustic performances, was meticulously and passionately produced, transporting the audience on an extraordinary musical trip.

The show was opened by Lesha accompanied by Alwyn Cruz and Hoest as they performed her single, "3:33" which was followed by Vydd and "Talk About It" happened. It was shortly followed by upcoming artist Yennybooo with her debut R&B single, "Sativa" and "OTL" with CA.

Lesha, Alwyn Cruz, Vydd and Best Male DJ, Hoest performs "Talk About It"

Yennybooo and CA drop "OTL"

Unsigned artist Mix Fenix also graced the stage with 2 unreleased tracks starting with "Two Feet In" which showed her wide vocal range and revealed her to the audience of what she is capable of. After the break, OPM legend, Tirso Ripoll of Razorback wowed the crowd collaborating with Miaow on a track called N.O.W with Gabby Suzara on vocals.

OPM legend Tirso Ripoll of Razorback, Gabby Suzara and Miaow shares N.O.W to the crowd

Everyone was kept on their feet when Ena Mori took the floor and gave us a rare version of "White room". The main show ended with Kenaniah performing not 1 but 2 stripped down versions of his songs "Totoo" and "Bahala Na" but Tanikala and Micz had a different plan in mind raising the hype again dropping "Dyamante". After party was led by then Best Female DJ awardee, Hannah Ichicko and MC Ice Rosales.

Ena Mori never fails and surprises with "White Room"

Tanikala and Micz closed the main show with "Dyamante"

The show was anchored by Macoy Dubs and Eugene Layug. Awards were presented by Drei Gaspar, Jennifer Lee, Coleen Garcia-Crawford and Jay Contreras.

Macoy Dubs and Jay Contreras

Coleen Garcia-Crawford announces the Listener's choice and Best New Artist award

Notable Winners and Memorable Moments

The awards presentation gave budding artists a chance to shine while also recognizing some well-known names with top prizes. The "Music Video of the Year," "Best New Artist," and "Best HipHop Artist" categories in particular sparked a lot of interest and enthusiasm among both fans and business insiders being the prestige award of the platform and newly added ones.

The "Music Video of the Year" award was given to a visually stunning and thought-provoking masterwork that expertly combined music and narrative, raising the bar for the genre. The title of "Best New Artist" honored a young artist whose distinctive voice and style have already won the hearts of music lovers. "Best HipHop Artist" was one of the categories that were added to the list. While some failed to attend due to the weather and prior commitments, acceptance speeches and label representatives stepped in on behalf.

You can check the list of winners in the event microsite here.

Chen Cornelio of Sony Music accepts the award for Ben&Ben winning the Best Group Artist award

Al James accepts the award for Best HipHop Artist award

Hoest winning the Best Male DJ award

Hannah Ichiko winning the Best Female DJ award

Kenaniah bags the award for Best New Artist

Adie wins for the second consecutive year the Best Male Artist award

James Reid gets the first Music Video of the Year award for U&I

Recap -- Only in Black and White

The New Hue Video Music Awards 2023 were a dazzling celebration of the musical world's innovation, diversity, and ability to move people. The event demonstrated the amazing impact that music and visual art have on culture and society with breath-taking performances, unforgettable moments, and moving acceptance speeches.

Mix Fenix and H capping these year's awards and looks forward for 2024

As this year's event comes to a close, we look forward to the music industry's evolving future as innovation and creativity continue to influence it. A truly remarkable and significant celebration of the music industry, the New Hue Video Music Awards have once again demonstrated their significance in recognizing and celebrating the creators and visionaries who push the limits of music videos.


The New Hue Crew

H, Mix Fenix, Denise Simone

The Media Mint Creative Collective

Noel Salazar, Job Corpuz of JC Media, Cris Vilchez

Renz Garcia, Elaine Ganuelas


The Astbury, Skoop, UIC, Engkanto, Red Thread Events, The Accents


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