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Manila, Philippines

Frizzle Anne speaks about peace and closure in latest single, ‘Alam Ko Naman’

Alam Ko Naman (Cover Art)

Rising singer-songwriter Frizze Anne drops her newest single, ‘Alam Ko Naman’ on Friday, May 27 — a track published under O/C Records that speaks of a bittersweet moment about closure, peace, and acceptance.

Alam Ko Naman tells a narrative anchored in unraveling perplexed emotions about finding certainty in a bind. The track explores sentiments of “fear and regret” and “peace and acceptance” in finding closure for one striking experience.

Inspired by notable storylines of classic chronicles that highlight the concept of “lovers-turned-strangers,” Alam Ko Naman springs from one of Frizzle’s eureka moments in songwriting.

In an interview with Frizzle Anne, the artist shared about the creative process behind her newest single, what sparked the idea to produce a record inspired by a classic romantic tale, how this latest track plays a significant role in her quest to bring a fresh discerning taste of OPM Pop, and more.

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

TNH: Alam Ko Naman explores a bittersweet song that touches on the concept of “fear and regret” and “peace and acceptance” embedded in one’s process of acknowledging certainty in a plight. What prompted you to explore such narrative through this latest single?

Frizzle Anne: Thank goodness for voice memos. I remember I was already about to sleep when suddenly I sang this exact line (with its exact tune) “Alam ko naman hindi na ako, alam ko naman wala na tayo, nais ko lang na manggaling sayo ang totoo” I panickedly hit the record button on my voice memo app, and I knew right there and then that that’s gonna be the chorus and where the entire song is headed. In short, it was those ‘you know when you know’ / eureka moments in songwriting that just don’t happen to me every so often.

TNH: What can you share about the creative process behind Alam Ko Naman? You’ve mentioned that a classic story of lovers-turned-strangers inspired its core message. What was that story that sparked the inspiration for this song, and what were its influential factors that greatly factored in your drive to produce Alam Ko Naman?

Frizzle Anne: Although I was fully aware of the song’s narrative the moment I had the chorus, I still found myself having a pretty hard time organizing & finalizing my thoughts. For one, I tend to get excited writing which results in word or idea vomit. Second, I tend to overthink the creative part. I guess that’s just me & my process. Anyway, I think one of the catalysts why I arrived with this kind of record, was listening to Coldplay’s “Magic,” “The One” by Taylor Swift, and “To The Bone” by Pamungkas.

TNH: As an artist who aims to make her notable marks in the industry with music that holds a “fresh discerning taste of OPM POP,” how do you see this single's impact on such a quest?

Frizzle Anne: I’m glad that it’s now very clear to me what I really want to achieve as an artist. I aim to be the first ‘Frizzle’ (thanks to my odd and tricky-ish-spelled name anyway) who offers fresh, versatile & tasty pop records, among other things. For this track, you can really tell that the melody is still obviously a love child of my roots (90s ballad, r&b-soul music), but the production is very far from how the music typically sounded back then. I think that’s the turning point there.

TNH: How about the sonic arrangement process of this track; what can you share about the artistic approaches you’ve configured to tell the story of the track best? What made you decide to take on a nostalgic vibe, featuring a blend of pop and ballad, for Alam Ko Naman?

Frizzle Anne: The whole process took necessary twists & turns. And I have my producers to thank. Initially, I thought of its sound as classic 90s as possible – strings section, piano, and those vocal diva moments. But pre-prod meetings are a life-saver! I remember crying while Kean Cipriano was giving me some truth slaps hidden in the form of a workshop. LOL! And then, along the way, we all agreed to discard my initial pegs and that an electric guitar solo would fit the song best. I learned in the process that what I want vs. what the song needs can’t always be on the same page, so compromise is necessary. The song must come first in line.

TNH: You’ve worked with Kean Cipriano, Franz Sacro, and Hazel Pascua for the production of this track. What can you share about such journey? How much of their contribution as artists influenced the overall structure of Alam Ko Naman?

Frizzle Anne: Collectively, it’s our first time working with each other. It’s easy to get intimidated and expect the worst things that might happen, especially when working with an unfamiliar bunch. Working with them felt like I hit the jackpot though. I hate to sound sappy, but I was truly rewarded in the process with new learnings, like new arrangement ideas from Franz, new home recording & mixing techniques from Ms. Hazel, vocal direction & overall wisdom supply from Kean. Plus, ironically, the virtual production set-up really allowed me to work closer with these freakishly talented guys.

TNH: What makes Alam Ko Naman different from your previous releases?

Frizzle Anne: I don’t want to be technical about it, so simply put: it’s the VIBE for me. Please wear your earphones and give it a listen. :)

TNH: What kind of artist will your listeners be able to witness through your newest single?

Frizzle Anne: Versatile. (in a meek tone lol!)

Alam Ko Naman extends Frizzle Anne's music catalogue as the record comes after her singles, Natatangi, released last year, Pwede Ba?, released in 2019, and debut single, Di Para Sa’Kin.

Other creatives behind this record include Kean Cipriano and Franz Sacro, who produced and arranged the record, and Hazel Pascua, who mixed and mastered the track.

You can now stream Alam Ko Naman on digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.


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