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Manila, Philippines

Filipino singer-songwriter and producer raven drops deluxe edition of his new album, Kinulayan


Filipino singer-songwriter and producer raven unravels the colors of life that appeared to have beautifully bloomed in the new album, Kinulayan, out via Sony Music Entertainment.

According to raven, Kinulayan refers to someone whose dull, boring life brightened up after crossing paths with the person worth the risk in love.

The rising phenom wrote and produced Kinulayan with the utmost purpose of conveying happiness that radiates with positive emotions and expressions. A free-spirited record that bursts with hues and energy, Kinulayan allows listeners to find great pleasure in embracing the simple joys of life and the escape that it offers.

“The songs in the album reflect the different stages in a relationship,” the Balcony Music Entertainment act shares. “From catching feelings to wanting to spend the rest of your life with the other half, the record traces these developments from a romantic standpoint.”



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