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Manila, Philippines

Filipino indie pop/rock band the vowels they orbit drops sophomore EP, tuloy tuloy tuloy!

Photo courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment

Filipino indie pop/rock band the vowels they orbit has finally released their sophomore EP, tuloy tuloy tuloy!, the highly anticipated follow-up to their acclaimed first record, Ang Unang Ikot.

Released under Sony Music Entertainment, the new EP shows lyrical and music growth without losing the well-rounded charm that made them an instant favorite when they first came out.

Thematically speaking, tuloy tuloy tuloy! speaks about never letting heartbreak get the best of you, and braving the world with newfound determination even when life gets more challenging than usual.

The EP also deals with the concept of taking charge of your own story to make it a better one, and embracing the brokenness inside with the wishful thinking that you’ll heal and improve someday.

“It is about finding ourselves caught in the cycle of our own emotions, yet still choosing to move forward,” the Selos act shares in a collective statement.

“Because this EP is a continuation of the first, the phase of emotions is a bit heavier — from coping with the unfamiliar feeling of life without your first love in ‘Una’ to dealing with grief and the loss of a loved one in ‘Clutch.’ However, it does end on a high note with ‘If You Come Back To Me,’ talking about being sure of oneself and not relying on another to live and grow. In the next phase, we are looking forward to more healed feelings.”

tuloy tuloy tuloy! (cover art)

The vowels they orbit’s new EP, tuloy tuloy tuloy! is produced by Rye Sarmiento, guitarist of 6cyclemind and Banda Ni Kleggy, and was recorded in his studio, Backdoor Recording Studio, during a 6-day lock-in session in 2021.

Inspired by iconic alt-pop acts The Cardigans and Moonpool; Caterpillars, Sarmiento wanted to capture the ‘90s sound in terms of arrangement and vibe, but made it a point to retain the band’s indie pop influences with a more organic, rock- oriented direction.

“We also gave attention to the performances of each member, doing what they do best individually while still keeping their chemistry as one band.”

The majority of the songs from tuloy tuloy tuloy! were written and sung by lead vocalist/guitarist Nikka Melchor. Keyboardist Hannah dela Cruz wrote and performed “Clutch,” and Jeremy’s father, Ponciano Sayas, penned “Here In My Arms,” in which drummer Jeremy is a featured vocalist.

The end result is a project that feels singular, yet distinctly unique in their surprising ways. Aside from “Una,” “Bangungot,” “Clutch,” “Here In My Arms,” and “If You Come Back To Me,” the EP also features the focus track “Sandali,” which talks about the importance of slowing down and finding the light amidst everything.

According to the five-piece act, the song was written by Nikka during the start of the pandemic, thus the lyrics. However, she realized that the message can still be applied to life, in general. “With so much going on, we tend to wonder when it will end.”

tuloy tuloy tuloy! is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.


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